A Less Enjoyable Side of Buenos Aires

So what’s the deal with all the cat-calling in the streets of Buenos Aires? Even after living here for three years, it still drives me crazy.  533 more words

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Poster campaign tackles sexual harassment on streets

A poster campaign has been launched in towns and cities across Argentina aimed at combating the verbal harassment of girls and women on the street. 174 more words


Enterrando el machismo

En el festival internacional de poesía en Granada, tuve la oportunidad especial para ver el ‘entierro de machismo’ oficial. El evento simbólico fue el fínal de una procesión tradicional a través de la ciudad y fue seguido con una mesa de poetas mujeres poetisas de todo el mundo el próximo día. 1,064 more words

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Harassing Women in the Street Needs to Stop. (A Public Service Announcement).

I try not to use bad language in my blog but I am making an exception today.

All day today I thought about whether or not I was going to blog about this, and then I thought, yea.  1,608 more words

Burying machismo, or something like that.

At the International Festival of Poetry in Granada last week, I had the special opportunity to witness the official burying of machismo. The symbolic event was the grand finale of a traditional Nicaraguan parade throughout the lovely colonial city and was followed the next day with a panel of women poets from around the world. 1,069 more words

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