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Saying goodbye to the beautiful scenery of Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland was so difficult. Thankfully our next country was Italy! Land of spaghetti, pizza and amazing wine was a great way to get over our sorrow. 115 more words


Easter holidays in Pisa

Приятным сюрпризом для меня стали традиционные для Италии Пасхальные каникулы – целая неделя отдыха с 16 по 23 апреля. Эти дни мы решили провести в Пизе, родном городе Андреа и одном из моих любимых мест в Италии. 150 more words


The Leaning Tower of Pisa

One of my favorite places I visited was Pisa. I think I had one of the best days there simply hanging out on the grass all day.

The Marisol of Venice

Classic Dad joke as a blog title: check.

This morning I took the morning train from Pisa to Venice passing through Florence on the way. The day started on a positive note, the sun was shining with promises of another beautiful day in Italy and it was. 362 more words


Pisa, Italy
Florence, Italy

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No Fro-yo in Flo, Yo!

We arrived in Florence late on Sunday night and were greeted at the train station by our friend Zach! He then walked us through the streets, guiding Caroline and me to Laura’s apartment. 953 more words

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