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Mars conjunct Chiron in Pisces, a Meditation on Instinct

As Mars draws nearer to Chiron it is a good time to consider this symbolism of the conjunction more deeply.


Fear, anger, instinctual response, instinct to protect from danger, hostility, sex, courage… 1,054 more words

Pisces horoscope for Jan 29 2015 by Daily Horoscope (http://frtns.com/dh)

Pisces horoscope for Jan 29 2015
An old issue that has come up many times in the past may arise again in the next few days. 92 more words

Venus moves into Pisces:::::January 27 to Febuary 20th

Venus moves into purifying waters, giving us blessings of compassionate love. This is a interlude into the intemporal beauties of a higher nature. We adorn her by worshipping her etheral forms like a selfless lover living on the dream of the beloved alone. 51 more words


Mercury Retrograde, Pisces Season, And Taking Care Of Your Health

I had this article in mind early last week but am only posting it now because, as luck would have it, I became terribly sick myself with type A influenza ( the virulent strain circulating this year that has resisted the effects of vaccines.) Astrology, you so funny…. 526 more words


Venus in Pisces

Today Venus entered Pisces at 9:00 am (CST). This is a truly beautiful time, when the compassionate and forgiving traits of Pisces can more easily enter our relationships. 240 more words

Venus💙Enters ℙisces; Jan. 27th, 2015♓

From astrology.com

Starting January 27 (until Feb. 2oth), Venus is at her highest octave in the sign of compassion, unconditional love and ethereal beauty. This is the selfless, self-sacrificing Venus who worships and offers up all at the altar of her beloved. 631 more words


Sun/Moon Blends: Taurus Sun, Pisces Moon

Creativity can flourish within this solar/lunar package, as the need to merge the spiritual and sensual worlds is evident. A word of advice here: avoid becoming disillusioned in the process. 218 more words

Sun/Moon Blends