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Coyote Wisdom for Jupiter

Oh hey, more Jupiter. If you’re tired of reading about him, I understand. I’m kind of tired of thinking about him, but what can you do? 370 more words


Drinking Wine

I am a good looking, single male in my mid 30’s and I didn’t start drinking until my late 20’s. The follow up question to that when I tell people is always “why”? 656 more words


Fishy Business

I rarely read my horoscope but I do know I’m a textbook Pisces. I’m a fish who tends to float off into a world of her own. 76 more words

Chiron in Pisces Once Again

Chiron in Pisces, a signature of the 1960’s generation, is once again in the sign of compassion, intuition, medicine, healing, and spirituality.  From May 2010 thru May of 2018, Chiron influences us from the mystical and sensitive realms of Neptune’s domain. 673 more words


Surviving my astrological identity crisis

I woke up the other day, posted a whimsical status on Facebook but was urged by one of my friends to get my birth chart read. 786 more words


Drowned Romance

He dragged me into the depths of his ocean, calling me his mermaid. Oh, how I longed for some air. But air soon lost the taste, becoming my enemy. 49 more words


Weekly Horoscope 15 December 2014

Here is my horoscope for this week. For a personal astrology or psychic reading, please contact me on 0434 634 092 or email.

Aries… 719 more words