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It is a Scorpio-Pisces Shit, indeed!

When a Scorpio looks at a Pisces and thinks of a romantic situation…the Pisces always wins. Scorpio wants response, Pisces is obliged. The humble fish wins in letting the stinger rule!

                                                  - The Scorpio-Pisces Stories


Savage Animals

In the city. We were in The City. A night of flashing lights. A night of limos. A night of forbidden champange.
It was a night of reunion. 406 more words


Question & Answers - Astrology

Have been coming across many questions and doubts regarding the horoscope /Astrology and remedies that will sure shot work out.So i thought to introduce few of the questions and answers which may benefit many of the interested readers. 360 more words

The Gentle Soul

In my personal journey, I’m finding confirmation everywhere that I’m destined to be a leader, humanitarian, writer and just an awesome, fabulous, mysterious, magnetic fucking Black womyn! 3,557 more words

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The War Inside

Do you ever have those dreams that rock you to your core? Those dreams that haunt you with some deeper meaning? I had one of those strange dreams this morning, like nothing I have ever had. 641 more words


Shaquille O'Neal: Why I'm Running For Governor

Shaquille O’Neal: Why I’m Running For Governor

I am a Pisces according to my zodiac chart, so all my life I have dreamed big and dreamed often. 1,190 more words


Not Too Ordinary

I’m doing perfectly fine these few months. A little bit tiring but it’s all worth it. These are some of the people I care and cherish. 481 more words