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Pistachio Ice-Cream & Grapefruit Pistachio Upside-down Cake

Have you noticed how much I like pistachio…?


This wasn’t my first attempt at ice-cream… I tried to make a small amount with some leftover ingredients once, but each time I took the ice-cream from the freezer to ‘churn’ it, it was replaced with a little less… I don’t think it was fully frozen before there was nothing left… There wasn’t much to begin with, honestly! 813 more words


First scoop of Cara Mia

First time to try this place out. I’ve been craving for dessert or something sweet that night and I find this place while strolling around… 58 more words


pistachio strawberry buckwheat crêpe (recipe)

Although I try to eat clean, dessert is usually something that I’m not willing to compromise on taste. I think that since dessert is a treat, might as well enjoy it and forget about the calories. 233 more words

Shiawase Days