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Dear D-man

The first thing Foamers & BSL advocates say is- “BSL does not mean we come into your home and take your family dog that has had no issue and haul them off and kill them.” (Even though that is exactly what is happening.) 220 more words


Happy Monday!

Goooood morning everyone! Mamacita, Buster, and I made sure mom heard us at the bedroom door this morning…I’m sure she’ll thank us later for making sure she got an early start to the week :) I had a great weekend, I mean I played in mud, ran around the house like a crazy girl, and got to play at the park! 401 more words

Press fail

I guess Mr. Borchardt doesn’t like it when his claim to fame doesn’t just take his side….
Here is the article…

And here is Jeff’s response-

Aww…… Poor baby.


Gary makes himself at home

So Matty Leadfoot gets some home repairs done . . . and bonus puppy! Turns out Gary, the repairperson’s puppy, just wouldn’t wait in the car, and who would want him to?

Pit Bulls

Muddy baby

Sooo, I have been a little naughty today. My mom and dad took me and my brother for a walk at the park and I rooted around in the mud like a little piglet…oh, it was so refreshing!! 148 more words

The wrath of a Moron

Elsie Delaney. One of the biggest morons in the Foamer community. Not only is she hostile to semi sane Foamers she is also know for her hilarious rants. 223 more words


Pam & Weed

Weed- the gateway drug to making you cook up some dog? Pam sure thinks so!

I’m pretty sure weed did not cause this behavior….

(check out full story here…) 14 more words