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Now Paw-tucket can live up to its name

The city of Pawtucket, Rhode Island had a 10-year old ordinance banning the ownership of pit bulls until earlier this week.  A judge ruled that a 2013 state law banning breed-specific legislation meant that the city’s law was now illegal. 89 more words

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Glutton for Punishment

I’ve been working on a piece about my family and being thankful for awhile now, keep getting interrupted by life – which for me is something to be thankful for.  978 more words

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Romp along the Penobscot River

The Penobscot River

It has always been one of my most favorite places to visit…

…and – thanks to the snow today – I had it all to myself… 56 more words

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Our First Snow of the Year!

Our first snowfall came on the day after Halloween…

…it left over 50,000 people without power…

…and we lost ours for about 24 hours…

…but at least SOMEpuppy was having fun! 55 more words

Bull Terrier

Our First Halloween Together

Loki was not quite sure what to think about my pumpkins, and – as you can see – he had a WHOLE LOT to say about them coming into his house! 45 more words

Bull Terrier

Successfully Coexisting with a Dominant Dog

Oh, dear!  It looks like we have a little catching up to do, Loki!

The bull terrier is really beginning to surface in Loki’s physique – he is filling in and developing all of those beautiful, compact bully muscles!   960 more words

Bull Terrier

I was going to show off more dog ears, but

suddenly, this!

js_luvs, pittie advocate and photographer extraordinare, showed off this amazingly happy stick-having guy.   Check out her websta photo blog for lots of happy pitties!

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