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Christmas in July, er, September

Received a box in the mail today which I had been awaiting with some anticipation. When opened, it revealed a number of saran-wrapped nuggets of beautiful Nepenthes, including a beastly maxima x fusca. 31 more words


S. minor and Friends

It’s become habit now to take the camera with me while I perform the daily ritual of staring at my plants. Coupled with my love of all things entomological, I find many opportunities like these, which are not artistic, nor are they meant to be. 13 more words


More Gratuitous Pitchers

Top: S. Jerry’s (rubra x purpurea)2 x Judith Hindle

Below: S. minor 



Top to Bottom:

S. Jerry’s (rubra x purpurea)2 x Judith Hindle (with what looks like a D. spatulata hitchhiker)

S. Purpurea

S. [(oreophila x flava) x Redman] x purpurea


Plant food...err...Insects

Top to Bottom: Unidentified beetle (if you know, leave a comment). Yellow-spotted skipper (or something like that), and a non-descript moth who actually IS plant food. :)


Jerry's (rubra x purpurea)2 x Judith Hindle

…say that five times fast. This is a nice little hybrid given to me, and it’s first new pitchers since I’ve gotten it.