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Want PR Success? Let The Media Be Your Guide

Chances are you know exactly what your successful media pitch is going to be.

And chances are even better that you’re wrong.


Because you’re looking at your PR campaign from your perspective.  547 more words


Want More Business? More Clients? More Customers? Learn the Art of Effective Storytelling.

Developing and launching and sustaining a public relations campaign is an ongoing cumulative process.  And process is the operative word, because it is not a single event.  496 more words

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Branding U

PR and media relations can be the most powerful forms of branding.  They offer the validation, credibility and trust-factor of being featured in the news.  Truly learning the basics of public relations is like learning the tricks of the trade of a Branding University.  348 more words

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The 12 Must Know Secrets of Physician-Oriented PR – part 2

As stated in part one of this two part series on healthcare PR and media relations is the most impactful type of marketing that a physician can utilize.  509 more words

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The 12 Must-Know Secrets of Healthcare PR

Media relations is the most impactful type of marketing that a physician can utilize.  It is the only form of marketing that establishes you as an expert, offers you the validation and credibility of being featured as a news story and reaches your target market, in other words potential patients. 625 more words

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Why PR Can Be Your Greatest Inbound Marketing Tool

Although inbound marketing is no longer the unique approach it was a few years back, it has developed into an incredibly powerful approach.  It is increasingly becoming a more sophisticated and effective way to reach prospects and clients. 439 more words

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YES: Spacing Out Is A Good Thing!

A recent article in The Sunday New York times Magazine, titled:  Breathing In vs. Spacing Out, not only meditation and its practice that has an upside.  388 more words

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