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Where's Waldo...And My Baby???

Still no baby- UGH!!!!

We went to the doctor on Wednesday hoping he would say we were having the baby an hour later.  Instead we left there with a scheduled induction date.  554 more words

Birth Story

Fair warning, I don’t want to scare any woman out of having children but I do want to tell you my birth story and, more importantly, I want to write my birth story.   1,657 more words


Seamus's Birth Story (Only Five Years Late)

Seamus was six months old when I started this blog, so I never wrote about his birth. He’s been asking lots of questions about birth, and we had explained to him that a baby gives off signs when it’s ready to be born, and then the muscles in the uterus squeeze hard, and then finally the baby comes out through the cervix and vagina. 1,379 more words

Family Life

Welcome Baby Lili!

Well everyone, she has finally arrived.
On July 12, 2014, 6:12 am, weighing in at 7lbs and 5 oz, Lili Ameesha was born. And this is the story of her birth! 409 more words


What is Evidence-Based Care?

Evidence-based care is medical care that is supported by extensive medical research on the procedures, medications, and other factors involved.  In most sectors of American health care, evidence-based care is the norm–after all, who would agree to undergo chemotherapy or an appendectomy using drugs and surgical techniques that hadn’t been tested before to see whether they worked?  860 more words


Yes, you CAN change your mind

Today was one of those magical moments in the life of a doula. To be part of watching a woman use her voice and make her own (very difficult) choices about the birth of her baby is a beautiful thing. 629 more words