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bragging rights

Want to see something to make you beam with pride? Look at this Pittsburgh magazine WHIRL, and read the spread. Even your name is in it…of course. 74 more words

Turkuaz's Dave Brandwein Talks Touring and Creative Progression

Brooklyn’s hottest power-funk act, Turkuaz, joins the Alan Evan’s Trio for a heavy-hitting performance at Rex Theater this Saturday night, 4/19. Read more to see just exactly what you’re signing up for… 1,954 more words

A New City

About a month ago, I decided that I would attend grad school at the University of Pittsburgh in PA! Since I’d never been to Pennsylvania, my parents and I realized we needed to see the city before I move and start school in June. 111 more words


Pittsburgh 360 - my U2 Concerts A to Z

The U2 360 show in Pittsburgh on July 26, 2011 is one of my favorite concerts. It was my final U2 360 show, my 16th of that leg of the tour, my 24th of the 360 tour and my 75th U2 show overall. 1,374 more words


a game to forget

There’s been something pleasantly different in the way Yovani Gallardo pitches this season. It’s only 18.2 innings, but fewer strikeouts for sure.

Gallardo is still a spitting image of Dennis “El Presidente” Martinez with hand and arms swinging a pendulum followed by a corkscrew turn towards third base and letting loose a low 90′s fastball or 12-6 curve ball; one of the best in baseball that curve; provoking some of the silliest looking swings and misses on the spiked two strike put away variety. 590 more words


The Battle Begins

If you only know one thing about Jeremy, it’s that he loves hockey. Specifically the Pittsburgh Penguins. Me? I’ve always rooted for the Anaheim Ducks. Growing up in Huntington Beach, I used to love going to see the Ducks play. 157 more words