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That's SO Pittsburgh!

Have you ever seen something and thought to yourself “that is SO Pittsburgh!”

If so, share your story with us - parking chairs, knitted pierogies, that guy dahn the street who is a real jagoff – you name it! 20 more words


Top 7 Reasons Why Pittsburgh is Special

Pittsburgh is special for many reasons, for one, I grew up and lived here for over 18 years!  Also, my parents and brother live here, so it’s always my goal to visit once a year. 292 more words


178 Hey! Your Zipper is Down!

When you ride the train and are fortunate enough to grab a seat, quite often you are at eye level with the front zipper portion of people’s pants. 133 more words


S'More Cookies Please!

I could barely wait to share this recipe for S’More Cookies that I made on Sunday!


It’s like a campfire memory in a cookie! 460 more words


Talk the Talk

Before I wander into the great unknown that is Pittsburgh, I think I need to brush up on my Pittsburghese.

In my post yesterday, I briefly touched on the language that exists in Pittsburgh. 305 more words


Time to revisit some of my goals

Or “Oh god oh god I’m writing this in IE on my Surface and it feels so wrong.”

This past week, and I’m okay with saying this past week because I have no concept of day at this point, has had more than its fair share of reflection (or, rather, I’ve spent much of it reflecting; whatever). 593 more words