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Recovery (part 3 - symptoms)..

Now, when I was first told recovery isn’t going to be easy, it’s going to be like withdrawal symptoms coming off heroine. I had no idea what that meant! 1,196 more words

Happy 8 Months To Me!

So it’s been 8 months since my pituitary surgery for Cushing’s Disease and I’m happy to say that I am OFF steriods and I feel amazingly blessed to have gone through everything I have and ended up on the other side. 293 more words

Post pituitary tumor surgery recovery

Back in 2006 I had some issues with nerve pain that was caused by a compressed disc in my back. I had an MRI and they also found a tumor on my pituitary gland. 1,222 more words


Lay Lady Lay

IT’S early spring down here in Australia and it is around this time when egg production will be at its most abundant.

The weather is warming up and the earlier break of dawn and longer daylight hours are sending a signal to your hens’ pituitary gland which in turn stimulates her ovaries to get busy. 186 more words

Cushing's Disease and how a brain tumour made me fat. | Skeptical Artist

The author of this blog post is a member of the Cushing’s Help Message Boards.

…I’d been feeling a little off colour and had put on a bit of weight so went to the doctor at the beginning of last year (2012).

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