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Pity-Party for One

We spent three weeks state-side.  Visiting friends and family.  Which is always amazing, exciting, busy, exhausting, happy, and sad all rolled into one.  And now we are back.   396 more words


Desiring Darkness

Somewhere deep in the recesses of my mind is a voice that calls to the rest of my mind to embrace the darkness. Most of the time I can ignore this voice. 382 more words

Life Is Messy

Finished vs. Running

I’m very in my own head today. I’ve been thinking about the difference between being done with something and running away from your problems. I’ve been considering and planning a huge shift in my life—changing jobs, states, and lines of work—and I’m trying to identify why I want to leave so badly. 367 more words


I'm Tired

I have a lot to be thankful for. I know that, but right now I feel like throwing a pity party for myself, and I’m choosing here to it (maybe that’s a bad choice, I don’t know). 146 more words



YAY. The Creature is BACK!

I was having a PURRfectly peaceful day, and then I heard the human say
that the Creature and its partner in crime were up in one of those weird bird things again on their way back from Oklahoma. 127 more words


Pity Party- Table for One Please

Tonight I am struggling.

I am sharing this because I promised to be real.

For the last two months I have been staying positive and learning to appreciate my body. 946 more words

God Things

Have you ever heard the expression, “It’s a God thing,” or, “It must have been a God thing.” I haven’t heard it too often, but I’m pretty sure the expression is meant to describe a coincidence or apparent accident that obviously had spiritual influence. 629 more words