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A Lesson in Joy

I’ve been learning a lot about joy recently. Partly because it keeps coming up at church as we read through Philippians, but also because of what I’ve been going through lately. 292 more words


He's got into my head

Sigh. It’s because he said all the right things. Everything I’ve wanted, craved, yearned to hear for so long.

It’s not that I want him. I definitely don’t. 151 more words

One Man Pity Party Invitation

There is nothing more pathetic than a one man pity party. I mean generally a party should consist of atleast two people. The more the merrier (read more pitiful) is a good motto to live by. 1,105 more words

Pity Party

I really suck at this

So, I know I am not really writing to anyone, but I tried to make it my goal to write something daily. As you can see, that hasn’t happened. 397 more words

What the hell moments

It started Sunday morning on my run. I was going to try 11 miles. I had my new phone and my new playlist. I was excited about the music because I just put Thriftshop, Thunder Kiss and Counting Stars on. 454 more words


1. I didn’t run the race. Had a cold all las week and then food poisoning Thursday, and that was that. No way I could muster the energy to run 15k Saturday, no way if I did I’d avoid getting sick again (I’ve learned the hard way I have to ease back into exercise after an illness). 137 more words

A Day In The Life

It's a RomCom binge and mango-rita kind of night

This day has been a failure. I woke up early for an interview at a minimum wage job, but of course they are hiring for the times I have class. 327 more words

Graduate School