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Sick as a Chip

I’m poorly. I have been for the past two and a half days and it just crept up out of no where. :(
I’m having a bit of a pity party whilst I’m curled up under my duvet. 306 more words

Hit Pause

My wallet was stolen this weekend. It’s Monday and I’m still making calls, updating accounts and cleaning up the mess. It was a crappy ending to a not-so-great week. 265 more words

Every cloud

Today was a bit shitty.

I’ve never been a great fan of Wednesday, aptly named hump day as generally I’ll have the hump.

Today was to not be much better, peaking with the untimely demise of a family pet in a freaky accident. 307 more words

Mummy Musings

Hopefully, an end to a pity party.

As a new blogger on this site, I should really keep my personal issues to myself until I’ve established a pattern of not being someone who regularly vomits “oh, woe is me!” onto the Internet. 538 more words

Are you RSVP-ing to the Pity Party???

We all seek validation, compassion, and an empathetic ear. We need the love and acknowledgement that others care. We want to feel important and recognized. We’re human; to seek this is a natural desire. 511 more words


Pity Party Graduation

Roll call

If you find yourself

In this line

It’s because you have decided

To take your power back

I am not going to judge you and… 287 more words

Energize Your Thoughts

Cheer Up, Charlie...

As of late, I’ve been having trouble with the idea of purpose. Hold on, previous readers. This won’t be another depressing monologue on the futility of the human race. 461 more words