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Slow Monday


A quick post before bed.

I had a parent teacher meeting today for my 3 yr old. Just sounds odd ::smiling and shaking head:: Was supposed to be 10 mins and we were in there for an hour. 145 more words

Adoption Process Flashbacks...

It’s funny, the last time I blogged was when I was adopting my daughter. I feel the same sense of overwhelming anxiety waiting to hear about when I will go to Chicago for my stem cell trial evaluation that I did waiting for each step in the adoption process. 314 more words

Prayers Please

No brakes.

We’ve heard it at least one point in our lives, “Change your attitude.”

I’ve thought of telling a few people these exact words before as well. 235 more words



Time revealed the fissures

In our relationship

I called out in sorrow

And treated it with a pity party

Along with loads of chocolate. 18 more words


Day 289: About Time

I’m late.

I know I’ve had an appointment with destiny since the day I was born, but I have not made it to my destination yet. 274 more words

Juan Life

When You're Sick

My last post was all about when do you blog, how often do you blog, etc. I now realize though that all of that goes out the window when you’re sick. 364 more words

Shit Happens

Mind is willing, body isn't always.

I still wait for the day that I am going to wake up and be pain free. That my left side will work as it used to before the strokes. 294 more words