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Do you love me. . .

In “Fiddler on the Roof,” Tevye and his wife Golde sing a duet, “Do you love me?” It is a beautiful duet filled with divinely inspired thoughts, statements replete with loving feelings. 538 more words

Life According To God's Plan For Salvation

Too Hot!

Some of you may think I’m at bit of a sizzy, but I can’t quite handle +27,4C – both outside and in the apartment. Especially not when I’m in the midst of moving into a larger apartment… 22 more words

Pity Party


Why oh why must it be this way? My current rash is hanging on way longer than I expected it to. It started because of the almonds in my soap. 81 more words

My Life

Army Weak

As I walked out my front door last night, I was immediately attacked by two Yellow Jackets. Yes, I said attacked; they both darted from the corner they had been hiding in, stung me, and flew back to their safe spot. 539 more words


Is your past robbing you of the future? | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

There are some who can’t live their dreams daily and the only reason they can’t live their dreams daily is because they are not looking into the future to see what it holds for them. 717 more words

Edible Pen

Memories of Yesterday

Even though my car is very comfortable, 750 km of driving in one day does something to me. My back feels like a giant board today and my hands hurt.

No fun at all!

Pity Party

taking stock

well, it has accidentally been a minute again. my neglecting this blog is never a conscious decision-the days that i say ‘i’ll post tomorrow’ slowly accumulate and suddenly an entire month has gone by. 476 more words