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Pity Party

Lately I have been in a fog.  Actually, it’s more like a funk.  Just a strange mixture of emotions, moments of sheer of blah-ness.  I try to be upbeat, fun and at least pretend to be happy-go-lucky.   719 more words

It's Not a Pity Party If You Criticize Yourself

Self-pity has a bad rap.

When people confess to me in therapy, “I had a pity party last week,” they’re usually embarrassed about it.

They look as if they’re admitting they made a mean face at a baby or threw a plastic cup on the freeway shoulder. 175 more words


Convos With Cleverbot: Cake Solves Everything.

This week on Conversations with Cleverbot: bachelorette parties, tragic backstories, and empty calories. 391 more words

Maximum Randomosity

Quarter Life Crisis

So that last post was a little pathetic. 

That’s what happens when I’m going on no sleep and my best friend and I start talking about our super depressing love lives. 190 more words

January blues

And I am sitting there, in bed. It is late January. I am down. It is freezing outside. I am back in my old room, feeling sorry for myself. 876 more words

It’s been 2 days since I had decided to end my pity-party. And it’s been going well. I don’t think about him that often and when he pops into my head, I drop it. 366 more words

Thoughts On Him.

Pity Party

I tell myself everyday that I’m fine.

I don’t care, and I’m better off without him.

I promise myself that I won’t think about him, and I certainly won’t call him at 1am crying (again).  234 more words