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Ed Catmull on NIGHTLINE

Be sure to catch Ed Catmull, President of Pixar Animation and Disney Animation, discussing his new book, the New York Times bestseller CREATIVITY, INC. 9 more words

Pixar Presents: A Shrek's Life

So, I have bed bugs.

Jesus. That is disgusting. Let me try that again…

So, I have bed insects. 

Wow, that’s even worse. At least bugs can be Pixar stars. 1,378 more words

Three Things… You Didn't Know About Steve Jobs - Ed Catmull – Pixar Founder and President of Disney Animation

Ed Catmull, the man who created the Pixar culture, joined us for breakfast at Shoreditch House yesterday in the company of some of the UK’s leading creative industry figures . 383 more words

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