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A is for: Animated Films - My top ten

10. Happy Feet (Warner Brothers, 2006) - Tap dancing penguins, what’s not to love? This came out during a period in secondary school where I just did not fit in, and it renewed me with hope. 266 more words

How Toy Story 2 Almost Got Deleted: Stories From Pixar

“The (mostly) true story of how ‘Toy Story 2′ was almost deleted from Pixar Animation’s computers during the making of the film. And how the film was saved by one mom’s home computer!”


Apple’s hit factory

“I’ve spent time over the last few months poring over technology and content company financials,” Jan Dawson writes for Tech.pinions “I’ve been struck by the fact Apple resembles as much as anything a movie studio, with results much lumpier than most tech companies, driven by big hits. 356 more words


Why Is Brad Bird Awesome?

Is it because he created The Incredibles, one of the best superhero movies of all time? Or is it because his foray into live-action filmmaking, … 92 more words