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The Products You Need to Grow Out Your Pixie

It happens to everybody. Inspired one day by celebrities and girls on the street walking by with cute, mussed, artfully tousled crops, you take your pictures to the hairstylist, seized with inspiration, and walk out an hour later with the breeze on your neck, and a short, playful ‘do that’s the best thing you’ve ever done. 360 more words


Staple Products: Natural Hair Care (TWA Edition)

There are so many women out there who are wanting to fall in love with their natural hair, but there is just one thing holding them back….finding the right products for THEIR hair. ¬† 1,645 more words


Have you seen my hair?

So, I have mentioned once before that I sometimes change my hair because I feel like I am out of control in my life.
Well, I have been doing that again and since I haven’t posted consistently, I thought it might be something fun to post. 55 more words


1 Year Post Pixie Cut

Today marks the 1 Year Anniversary of my ‘big’ hair chop! I say ‘big’ hair chop because to many people they couldn’t believe I cut off that much hair, but to my it wasn’t quite a huge deal. 759 more words

Before & After

"Leaping Caterpillars!"

The main ¬†reason I haven’t updated in the last few weeks or so is because the biggest thing in my life is a thing I can’t actually talk about on the internet. 485 more words

Hair-Related excitement

I’m only a few months away from having properly grown out my pixie cut. I am ridiculously excited to rock some wide-brim hats and play with braiding.

Short Hair Pride Y'all

In my regular binge watching of all of BuzzFeed’s videos because their videos are great and I have kind of decided that my dream career at this point in my life, when I make it out to New York or LA, is to work at Buzzfeed, I saw this amazing video: 335 more words

"These Are My Confessions"