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Prep or Rebel | Haircut

Hello, all! Yesterday’s theme in my school’s Homecoming spirit week: prep or rebel. What does that mean? Wear a bow tie or a leather jacket. Feel pretentious and/or badass. 177 more words


Hair Cut

While back in Humboldt I trimmed my grown out bowl cut into a normal pixie for school. I figured that would be easier to upkeep with my busy schedule. 16 more words

365 Days Of Outfits

I did a crazy thing!

I chopped off all my hair! On Friday, a few of us girls at work were talking about hairstyles, and I mentioned that I’d always admired pixie cuts. 271 more words

I Cut My Hair Short And Landed The Man Of My Dreams

“What if we took it all off?” my hair stylist asked me. It caught me by surprise.

“Sure, let’s do it.” I agreed, quickly. Almost too quickly. 846 more words

I thought Fall weather was approaching.... I guess not.

I am over Summer. The heat is not my favorite and I don’t particularly fancy Summer clothes. I’m a Fall kinda girl. Bring on the sweaters and ankle boots! 99 more words

I Do Believe in Pixie Cuts, I Do! I Do!

…Buuuuut not enough to keep the one I’ve currently got.

Let’s face it, a pixie cut is a cut above (snort snort) the rest! While some would deem it a ‘brave’ haircut to carry (and if you’re thinking of getting a pixie, you’re going to become so brave that when your hair grows back it’ll be curly, thick and red), it’s actually a very classic style that all women can carry off — and some men, though they’ll try to butch it up by saying it’s a ‘short back and sides’ (come on guys, we see the Audrey in that cut!!) — but many fear to take the snip… or, er, plunge. 217 more words



Winona Ryder and Emma Watson are perfect examples of darling pixies

Every girl has been there at one point or another… liberating your locks and drastically dawning a ‘do.   71 more words

Emma Watson