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A's Playlist: November 2014

Changed the name! If you haven’t noticed.

This month’s playlist is unintentionally a throwback, compared to my last post. I contemplated on the songs I got hooked to this November and I had two epiphanies. 498 more words

Filthy Minky Awards 2014

Best Album – LA Spark by Wrangler

Weirdest Act – Anklepants

Godlike Genius – The living legend that is “Genuine Nerd” Toby Radloff from American Splendor, who we interviewed earlier this year (not that we haven’t mentioned it on social media about seven million times already), which was without doubt the highlight of our entire year… 262 more words


Golden Brown Leaves Fall Down

I wandered into Folkington forest for a spell of mysterious woodland magic, invoked at this time of year by leaves shimmering in a low sun’s pale rays and an intoxicating terrestrial aroma rising up from the rich earth.  306 more words



Hello!!! I have another story for you. This one was also written by me. It’s got a little something to do with the story The Seven Little Goats. 597 more words

My Thoughts

A Short History Of One Meal With Help From The Pixies And Charles Baudelaire

Le Larousse Gastronomique vous regarde.  Le Larousse Gastronomique interroge votre cuisine.  You’re pretty sure it’s smirking but you go on. Frankly, you have your doubts about the Culinary Institute of America’s… 460 more words