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It started, as all such things purportedly start, on an otherwise ordinary day several weeks ago when someone’s border collie transformed—without warning—into a moderately good-looking man with whom that someone began spending all her time all over the house engaged in what the local paper referred to as “questionable activities” until someone discovered what was going on when she didn’t show up for work three days in a row (like, why did it take three days to start wondering) and a relative of hers who is a policeman was convinced, probably without very much encouragement, to kick open her locked back door and inspect the premises. 1,714 more words


No money, no problems

I’ve written before about the difficulty of finding time to listen to music once you’ve had a baby. Another way that my music consumption has changed is that I no longer have much money to spend on CDs. 364 more words


Epic Edits : Pixlr Pixie

Hiya Pixie Pals !

This will be my last tutorial post but the good news is I will be posting all the Epic Edits that I make :D… 306 more words

Non-Stop With Raindrop

Wordpress... + Recommendations

Hello, sorry if my constant change of the theme of this blog is annoying you, but I seem not to find one that I like enough to stay with… I hope it isn’t too dreadful that I am changing it so much… 131 more words


Harmony (revisited)

*This is a short story I wrote around the same time last year. At some point I’d love to flesh out the tale a bit more. 2,707 more words


Pixanne - Philadelphia, PA

Pixanne was a pretty pixie character (played by Jane Norman) who dressed in a Lincoln green costume with cap and feather and lived in a magic forest on the children’s program PIXANNE/CBS/1960-1969. 605 more words


high and fine and free

the pixies–i can’t forget

i loved the pixies from their beginning and leonard cohen almost from my beginning and certainly this song since it first came out, but…damn.  151 more words