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Video of Heart'n'Art Exhibition

A while back I published a video of my Heart’n’Art Exhibition, held on 22nd November, which wasn’t available to view in some countries. I’ve since found it was because I used a copyright music accompaniment, so here is the video again, with a legal (I hope) music background.

Digital Art

Wild, Flashy, Trashy

I read an interesting interview with the artist Maggi Hambling at the weekend where she quoted an art teacher who said that you don’t choose the subject: the subject chooses you. 251 more words


The image above is taken from a photo sent to me by a good friend of a road in Ireland known as The Dark Hedges. It’s actually a compelling and beautiful avenue of beech trees planted by the Stuart family in the eighteenth century. 123 more words

Digital Art


I created this a while back and forgot about it, then found it as I was sorting out my digital art photos this afternoon.  The images represent the upheaval you can get with innovation, the birds fluttering around represent new ideas and the red area at the top represents the passion when innovative ideas hit you and your creativity is working full speed.

Digital Art

Riotous Rhodies

I love rhododendrons but sadly for the past forty-plus years I’ve mostly lived in places which have been too hot for these flowers. They can get riotous if they’re in the right conditions – I think cool and pretty wet – but hot weather knocks them for six. 95 more words

Digital Art


Years ago, when I lived in Boonah, in south-east Queensland, I came across a book in the local library of sacred earth formations around the globe. 163 more words