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Dyatlov Pass Mountaineering Club

I’ve been fascinated by the Dyatlov Pass Incident since I first read about it in junior high. Despite it’s notoriety and countless independent research conducted on the event, it’s still a huge mystery to many of us. 102 more words


AutoDesk releases a new photo editing app for Mac as SketchBook Mobile for Android goes free

Autodesk has released a new Mac version of its image editing app Pixlr today, while its popular SketchBook Mobile for Android goes free. SketchBook Mobile is a “professional-grade painting and drawing application” with 65 preset brushes and a wide range of customizable workflows. 459 more words


Adventure 239 ~ Tackle The Tech

One HUGE thing that my adventuring has given to me is a playful attitude towards technology! Before I started my 365 Days Of Adventure project, I think I was actually afraid of technology ; I was in awe of all those folks who has “mastered the modern”, and I think that awe (and the  belief that technology is “hard”) really held me (and my business) back. 275 more words

Jane Talbot

Is there life after the death of a deadline?

It’s going on for more than 4 days past my self inflicted deadline to have Cat under Sail in the bag. So do you want the good news or the bad news first? 401 more words

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MDLAB14 Assignment: Stereotypes in print (Pixlr editing assignment)


The above photo is the cover photo of an article that dates back to January 28, 2011; taken from The Daily Mail. The photo seems to show that veiled women represent any, or even all, Muslim women thus setting a stereotype for Muslims in general and Muslim women in particular. 95 more words