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Pizza (what more needs to be said)

I truly love pizza.
To me it’s such a delicious, and easy to make meal.
We do try not to eat too much as I’m sure it’s not great for the waistline. 419 more words


Its official getting close now

Well with the wife at Uni in Auckland and I am unable to visit my son, so I knew what I was doing today. Yep Bob the builder again. 113 more words


In between visits

Well back and forward to Christchurch what the hell do you do when you are waiting to find out what you can do to help. Some shop, for me this time to get outside.   107 more words


Piggy bank well and truly smashed

Well I spent some of our savings as I could not wait to work on the pizza oven so I have blown $65 NZ :-) However it was the trips to see my son and sort out his problems that broke the piggy, oh well Sh*t happens :-) 71 more words


Pizza Crust II

Yes! I admit it. I’m a kitchen gadget addict. It started almost 36 years ago with the purchase of one of the original Cusinarts, back when they were still made in France. 638 more words


Big Pizzas for a Big Bump - Pizza Pilgrims

This is now my 3rd visit to Pizza Pilgrims Dean Street and it never disappoints. The lovely Jen is off to go produce a mini Clay so it was only fitting we went for carb overload at Pizza Pilgrims down the road from work. 236 more words


Today's stupid moment

Today’s stupid moment was the attempt to line up all the bricks in the second row with the bricks in the first row.

No can’t be that hard after all the bricks are the same size so easy one on top of the next one except (reminder to self) I am building a dome, and for some reason I forgot what I was trying to do just was set to fail ;-) What confounded me was that the first few bricks line up but got increasingly out of whack. 174 more words