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PJ Harvey Tuesday #16: "Maniac"

Whether you’re a hardcore fan or a casual listener, PJ Harvey B-sides are a special treat. They’re like little time-traveling jewels—a new song to listen to, but, magically, it’s from fifteen years ago! 433 more words


Art Journal Mishaps #20

Commissioned piece of Nick Cave and PJ Harvey.

For shits and giggles. Step 1 is the most painful, 2 is most frustrating (you have to take artistic liberties to make things not look weird, and as someone new art this, that’s a challenge). 120 more words

Art Journal

Do you like apples?

This is the Girl

This is the Girl is a full-length work by Funsch Dance Experience which features performances by Christy Funsch, Nol Simonse and company members Nick Brently, Chad Dawson, Chin Chin Hsu, Peiling Kao, Courtney Moreno, and accompaniment by Dance Brigade’s Grrrl Brigade on Taiko drums, … 60 more words


Listen to Lorde's Pre-'Royals' Band Inspired by Fugazi, PJ Harvey

We all had our musical endeavors as kids — some pathways to greater success later, others nothing more than incredibly painful to watch in retrospect. 159 more words


Not Forgotten - Sparklehorse - It's a Wonderful Life

It must have been mid-2003 that Nibbsy first recommended Sparklehorse to me, but it was in the middle of a period of musical exploration for me, so they just got added to the list of acts that I had to take time out and listen to in the future. 302 more words


The Sky Lit Up

And this world tonight is mine
A world to be remembered in
Think on a faded photograph
My hair longer than its ever been
And then,the sky lit up… 17 more words


PJ Harvey Tuesday #15: "Dress"

Last PJ Harvey Tuesday, I wrote about “Pocket Knife,” in which the narrator begs her mother, “Please don’t make my wedding dress” because “I’m too young to marry yet.” It’s a relatively late-era song, off Harvey’s 2004 album… 573 more words