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PJ Harvey: Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea

I remember getting this shortly after I got to UT. I liked it a good bit. Never really loved it though. It’s better than most of the albums after it, but it’s not as good as anything that came before. 15 more words

PJ Harvey: Is This Desire?

This was my favorite album of hers for a while. In retrospect, it’s not nearly as good as To Bring You My Love. Some of the songs feel kind of careless and under written. 34 more words

Jarbird - 'More Bad Celebrity Poetry'

Debut single from London-based band Jarbird is a sparse whirl of emotion drawing on chorale sounds and poignant synth vocals. Accompanied by a heart-wrenching video directed by… 166 more words

PJ Harvey and John Parish: Dance Hall At Louse Point

Liked this a good bit when I first got it. It hasn’t held up that well. There are some cool songs, but most are just weird and off putting. 13 more words

10 Classic Album Covers Seen on Google Street View

For diehard music fans, visiting the exact location where your favorite album cover was shot is a necessary pilgrimage (this is true of even non-diehards: surely not every tourist who’s crossed Abbey Road with a long stride and a purpose has actually obsessively listened to the record). 276 more words


Music Monday: The Divine Ms. Harvey

List item: Listen to the 250 greatest albums
Progress: 4/250

Continuing on with the quest to listen to the 250 most acclaimed albums  has led me to one of only three female artists to have multiple entries into this list; PJ Harvey. 640 more words

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