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春虾面 Choon Prawn Mee House @ Taman Paramount


春虾面原来是Taman Paramount海天茶餐室里面的一个档口,由于生意实在太好,索性自己出来开一间店!


I Believe in Miracles

Been on a PJ kick lately. So for good measure:



刘荣无猪油炒粿条 Lau Wan KueTiau @ Taman University


档口的名字很特别,叫Lau Wan,是老板刘荣的马来文名字,一开始我还以为是老王的意思呢,哈哈!


July 28th

So I bought Dave some hulk Pyjamas today and he said he didn’t want the top! Yay!!!

One A Day

Oh, hello.

No, I haven’t forgotten about sewing. Mostly I’ve been too busy with other things, like work, to spend time sewing.

The denim look I mentioned in the last post got made into leggings, but I mis-marked the calf area of the pattern so I cut them off into shorts to wear under skirts. 421 more words


Kids Clothing Week 2014...my plan

Allrighty, its my first time participating in a sew along of sorts. July 21 through 27 is Kids Clothing Week where participants are challenged to sew 1 hour a day for 7 days. 381 more words