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Fan Expo 2014: Day Two

Day two of Fan Expo was another great day, despite the fact that I spent most of it at my table… it was still fun to interact with fans and pitch my new comic book to the people. 166 more words

Fan Expo 2014: Day One

Fan Expo 2014 will always hold a special place in my heart. It was the second Expo I attended by but it was also the first convention that I attended as a vendor/artist. 194 more words

Writing, Writing and more Writing: A Quick Update

Been a few weeks again since my last posting but it will take a while to get back into the swing of things for me. I’ve been very busy as of late. 289 more words

An update about the Wedding, Comics and a Suspension

It’s been a very interesting week, so I’ll get right to it.

Last week’s wedding went without a hitch. No one brawled and were well behaved, which made it a special night for the bride and groom. 993 more words

Can't perform inter-node administrative Solr commands when Cassandra PasswordAuthenticator is enabled

Actions like core RELOAD/CREATE fail with the following message when Cassandra authentication is enabled:

WARN 2014-10-22 02:09:26,355 SolrCoreResourceManager.java (line 310) Error creating core myks.mycf on node: /111.222.333.444…

91 more words

What is pie by 4.....

Teacher to Student – what is pie by 4 quarter amplitude phase modulation?

Student – jimbak alak chik dadi bamba

Teacher – i didn’t get you

Student – same here babes




राज ठाकरे ची ‘मनसे’ आणि केजरीवाल ची ‘आप’ एकत्र येऊन नवा पक्ष काढणार

त्याचं नांव ‘मनस्ताप’