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Brunch at Food Foundry

Luke handed me his phone with a list of cafes in Subang Jaya on his Google Search results. “Here, pick a cafe to have brunch.” 301 more words

Eating Out

Gray Ghost

Finished up PJ’s bottom-jawed Big Voodoo from my earlier post.

This light gunmetal finish will wear over time to a high polish.  Thing looks awesome.  51 more words

Current Projects

Summer Wrap Up

Every time someone asks my kids what they’ve been up to this summer, and this is a favorite question of adults to kids and other adults alike, my kids’ response is “Nothin'” and a shrugging of their shoulders. 1,076 more words


Weekend at the dog show

Really, it is so odd to me to roll out of bed, give my dog a groom, jump in the car and run over to the dog show just prior to my ring time, show, hang out with friends for a while and then head home. 211 more words

Jodi Jax-isms and Vocabulary

Sometimes I use lingo.  I write like a talk.  I know it drives my mom, who is a grammar and punctuation junkie, crazy.  That’s not why I do it.   206 more words

Random Jax

Inside Combat Rescue

Anyone who knows me knows that I like to pick on the Air Force. Granted, it is a good natured ribbing and it is only with those that I personally know who are serving or have served.  277 more words