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This is happening

It’s strange how big changes in life come about.

There you are dreaming, planning, wishing for years and years about how things might be different, but never really able to fully comprehend what it would feel like when they actually were different because it always felt so far away; like for most people, it was  always ‘one day’, always ‘not today’. 317 more words


Función renal es del 13% con PKD es la diálisis, el único tratamiento

Los individuos que han sido diagnosticados de la función renal es del 13% con PKD puede preguntarse si la diálisis es el único tratamiento. En este artículo, vamos a ver este tema juntos. 357 more words

Bottled Fantasies: Philip K. Dick's Eye in the Sky

Eye in the Sky is another early Philip K. Dick novel that is uneven, but uneven in a different way to his later writeitinaweekonspeed works. While it may be silly to just compare Dick’s efforts to each other in lieu of considering their merits individually, I’m pretty much a neophyte when it comes to SF. 1,174 more words


PKD y creatinina sérica 7.8 ¿Puede ser bajado Naturalmente

“Hola, señor, he sido diagnosticada de PKD y creatinina sérica 7.8. 47 años masculino. ¿Puede el alto nivel se reducirá de forma natural? Por favor avise. 339 more words

Etapa Cuatro enfermedad de riñón con PKD ¿Hay alguna cura natural

Después de ser diagnosticado de la enfermedad renal Etapa Cuatro con PKD, los pacientes a menudo se preguntan si existe alguna cura natural para este trastorno o no. 342 more words

Science Fiction, What Is It?

What is Science Fiction? Phillip K Dick spent a fair amount of time speaking on this, and his subtle insights come the closest I’ve seen to a real understanding. 443 more words


Arcane Knowledge: Philip K. Dick's Solar Lottery

Solar Lottery was Philip K. Dick’s first published novel, and a “PKD” novel it certainly is. Someone whose output was as large and as varied as Dick’s is bound to have a few clunkers, and his early work (early SF anyway, I haven’t read any of his “straight” novels yet) is no exception, despite coming before the mixture of amphetamine-psychosis fuelled misfires and, “Oh God, the FBI really did burgle my house!” Godhead paranoid freakouts the kind of which he is (generally) most loved and remembered for. 1,191 more words