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Science Fiction, What Is It?

What is Science Fiction? Phillip K Dick spent a fair amount of time speaking on this, and his subtle insights come the closest I’ve seen to a real understanding. 443 more words


Arcane Knowledge: Philip K. Dick's Solar Lottery

Solar Lottery was Philip K. Dick’s first published novel, and a “PKD” novel it certainly is. Someone whose output was as large and as varied as Dick’s is bound to have a few clunkers, and his early work (early SF anyway, I haven’t read any of his “straight” novels yet) is no exception, despite coming before the mixture of amphetamine-psychosis fuelled misfires and, “Oh God, the FBI really did burgle my house!” Godhead paranoid freakouts the kind of which he is (generally) most loved and remembered for. 1,191 more words


Today is a Good Day for Science Fiction

No, I’m not talking about Transformers 4. Today is the official U.S. release date for two films which will likely be regarded as cult classics of the sci-fi genre: “Radio Free Albemuth” and “Snowpiercer”. 328 more words


My Story Living With PKD

Polycystic Kidney Disease(PKD) is the world’s most common life-threatening genetic disease. It manifests itself as numerous cysts on both kidneys and in some cases on the liver, pancreas and other organs. 1,297 more words

Author Notes

Bobby Lee Laye

When I was around eight years old, a classmate followed me home one day. And he never really left. I buried him last month.

His name was Bobby (or “Bobby Lee,” as his sister would call him), and I didn’t know it at the time, but he’d recently lost his father, a victim of a murder. 5,720 more words


How to Decrease High Creatinine Level with PKD

The high creatinine level with PKD is due to the decline of kidney function, such as glomerular filtration rate decline, lead to the waste can’t be discharged by kidneys, so high creatinine level appear. 310 more words