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The ugly truth about being pregnant

So I haven’t decided whether I am writing this for my best friendĀ Hilmarie (who is making me an aunt for the first time woohoo) or for my own pleasure. 436 more words


So today we had another appointment (our weekly check up).

Amelia’s heart beat was 147 (still nice and strong). We met a new doctor on our team; Dr. 336 more words

Philip K Dick - The Zap Gun

The Zap Gun is a mightily engaging read and tells the story of a man, the Dickensianly named character Lars Powderdry, tasked by the West-bloc government with coming up with new and frightful weapon designs which he sketches out during drug fuelled trances. 331 more words


Happy Halloween!!!!

I started a bucket list when I found out Amelia may have some issues. Although my bucket list continues to grow now that I am living in a different state… it does include some fun stuff. 59 more words


So today we met with Amelia’s Nephrologist. I wasn’t nervous at all and Amelia was pretty jumpy but I figured that was her way of telling me to relax. 267 more words


So as of today 10/27/14 Billie and IĀ have relocated to the Philadelphia area. This is such a big deal for me given the fact that I am so far from home, my family, my friends, and mainly all of my support. 189 more words

Philip K Dick - Lies, Inc.

This book is typical PKD fare in that it involves parallel worlds, simulacra (androids to you and I), alien races, propaganda, and drugs – this time overtly identified as LSD. 318 more words