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Digital Certificates and PKI

Digital Certificates (Download)
A digital certificate (DC) is a digital file that certifies the identity of an individual or institution, or even a router seeking access to computer- based information. 53 more words

Data Security

Senyap : Senyap, Sejarah, dan HAM.

Setelah dua tahun lalu kita dibuat mual luar biasa dengan Jagal, kini datang satu lagi ‘obat pencahar’ dari Joshua Oppenheimer : Senyap. Keduanya memang sengaja dibuat Joshua memiliki karakter sama, sebagai upaya detoksifikasi (sadar maupun bawah sadar). 1,405 more words


Secure your applications with Red Hat JBoss Middleware

Red Hat® JBoss® Middleware is fast becoming recognized as government’s trusted choice for applications that need robust encrypted data transport and secure identity and access control. 55 more words

Myth: SharePoint and PKI

PKI as it stands for Public Key Infrastructure is a very well known term when it comes to system security. Functioning of a typical PKI infrastructure is fairly simple and straight forward as it is depicted… 173 more words


This is a subject of great conjecture. It is considered one of the worst atrocities of the 20th century, yet little attention has been paid to this highly significant period of Indonesian history. 2,406 more words


Creating the Certificate Revocation List – Part 3.

My final blog about this topic… and following on from here.

The CDP is up and running, and immediately clients are “happier”, insofar as a machine can be happy >_> 101 more words


Creating the Certificate Revocation List - Part 2.

Following on from my earlier blog, I had managed to successfully publish the CRL to my web server. However, in order to verify everything is working, you should browse to the URL and access the .CRL files. 211 more words