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China wants to increase military exchanges but U.S. says "not so fast"

Pledge by president coincides with report suggesting US is rethinking expansion of ties until rules for airborne encounters are agreed

By Minnie Chan
South China Morning Post… 518 more words

#Day29 #365JosHappyDays - 3D Printing Win!!

Love this sooo much! Right so not only does is that little super tool useful for sanding down and taking off the the excess plastic of a 3D print but it can put it back on too! 115 more words


Photos Show China Military Buildup Near Islands Disputed with Japan

By Bill Gertz

Recent satellite photos of an island off the coast of China confirm Beijing’s buildup of military forces within attack range of Japan’s Senkaku islands. 787 more words

China’s Man-Portable Fire-and-Forget Anti-tank Missile

The missile codenamed Hongjian (Red Arrow)-12 is developed by China entirely on its own. It is similar to US FGM-148 Jevelin missile in its capability of locking on before launch and fire and forget capabilities. 186 more words

PLA-Based Filaments Blended With Composites

Filaments that have wood or metal blended with the plastic, have been available for some time (check this blog’s material category for some examples). At this year’s CES, MakerBot has announced their own version of these filaments. 70 more words

3D Printing

China’s New Canon-fired Missiles to Enhance PLA Capabilities.

Israel has developed its semi-active laser homing low-weight anti-tank guided missiles since 1992. They are canon-fired missiles that can be launched from various guns of the caliber of 105mm and 120mm. 289 more words

The PLA Has A New Procurement Website

On January 4 a Chinese state-owned media outlet published a minor news item about the launch of a procurement website for the PLA.

The site, … 448 more words