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Shocking Exposure of China’s Unique Anti-Radiation Ground-to-Ground Missile

China showcases at its recent Zhuhai airshow its B-611MR tactical ground-to-ground missile, unique in the world for its anti-radiation function. The missile is installed with a terminal broadband passive radar to enable it to hit electromagnetic target. 139 more words

Maryland Parental Leave Act for Small Employers

Maryland’s Parental Leave Act (PLA) became effective October 1, 2014.  The PLA requires small employers, with between 15 and 49 employees in Maryland, to provide an unpaid leave of absence to employees for the birth of a child or the placement of a child for adoption or foster care. 125 more words


http://nationalinterest.org: What Scares China's Military: The 1991 Gulf War

“The Gulf War provided Chinese military and civilian decision-makers with a ready example of what modern war looked like, and gave some lessons about how to fight (and how not to fight) in the future.” 1,171 more words


Unboxing: Wantable Makeup Box - October 2014

October box, that is not a typo, and no I haven’t been sitting on it for weeks!

I actually purchase these boxes individually rather than subscribing and, in October, I didn’t order my box until late in the month; it then took about 2 weeks for it to be sent and just over 2 weeks for it to make it’s journey across the globe to me in Australia. 649 more words

3D Printing

This is not really a post about a project or trying out something new, but more of a reminder/reference for myself…

I don’t actually use my 3D printer nowhere as much as I should, but still, this past couple of days for example I had 2 things to work on, and I was surprised at how easy it actually is to find CAD stuff online… 249 more words


Indian Home Minister Accuses China of Illegal Occupation of Indian Territory

Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Thursday accused China of occupying Aksai Chin illegally and said that incursions by Chinese troops don’t help the ties between the two countries. 299 more words