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ChungKing Mansions. Serious crime (Rape, missing person, murder) every now and then.

Chung King Mansions.

It seems like there’s a serious crime at CK Mansions every now and then. The apartment gets mentioned in the local press every few years for a murder, a rape or a missing persons etc. 38 more words

Chung King Mansions


Chas Kincaid Grocery Store, Fort Worth, TX by Stephen Shore
(credit: stephenshore.net)

As part of Phaidon‘s Decade interview series, Shore also mentioned: “For me the pictures I make are the byproducts of my explorations, not an end in themselves.” Read more here.


Place & Point Reyes

There are places that will always be in me, that I will hold the way you hold a favorite song from teendom no matter how pitchy it sounds now. 598 more words


I know where I was conceived.

I know where I was conceived. It was in a small rickety, squeaky bed in a small room at the end of a small corridor, door on the right. 457 more words

Roger Albert

And as for me...

Pelicans drift with the current; sunrise
scatters its golden flecks across the bay.
Geese in formation navigate the skies;
and as for me … I contemplate the day. 221 more words


More on Place, and People scrutiny

I attended two scrutiny committees this week: Place and People. I have written already about the item on the Shoebury flood defences (and there is more to come on this subject). 643 more words


The Elephant Room

“Find a place inside where there’s joy, and the joy will burn out the pain.”
-Joseph Campbell

If I were a blade of grass, I would want to grow in Ireland. 1,372 more words