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Big Yellow Taxi

Riding to work, my route takes in the magnificent Bay trail. Coming through St Kilda this morning, an empty large concrete slab caught my eye. The iconic century old Stokehouse Restaurant… 779 more words

Store Review- Lalit Dalmia 103

I was looking for zip on saree in Pitam Pura market. And after checking out 5 store and avoiding eye-contact with boy who accompanied me for my hunt I landed at Lalit Dalmia 103 store. 366 more words


Part 2: Understanding Public Memory within the Context of Circulation

Following up on Monday’s post, today I want to discuss how Public Memory may be understood differently when placed within the concept of circulation. First, however, I must issue a disclaimer: this post is decidedly more theoretical than the one on Monday, and for non-rhetoricians, I apologize in advance if the jargon detracts from what I am about to say. 1,256 more words


Quote source: Stabilitas Loci – a spiritual geography of our own place, by Trudy Grienauer
Photo by Lorian Kennedy; Design by Melissa Hathaway


Define "Home"

What do you define “Home” to be? I found this poster, which defines it as “Home is wherever I am with you”, inferring that because I’m with the family, I am “home”.  95 more words