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Two Craniocap (Helmet) Summer Must Haves

Ben had another craniocap adjustment today. The doctor looked him over and reminded me (as if I didn’t already know) that it’s imperative that he wear this helmet 23 hours a day whenever possible – however, he understands that this is extremely difficult to do during the summer months. 329 more words

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Week 27: Sleep Regressions and The Other Baby

YAWN! When this post doesn’t make any sense, blame my cute baby, okay?

Ben has been experiencing a combo platter of the 4ish month sleep regression… 987 more words

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Flat head

After Curly was born, and before, there were numerous pamphlets shoved my way. Most were to do with safe sleeping and SIDS. I almost burst out laughing when at her 6 month check up with the nurse I was asked if I needed information about safe sleeping. 477 more words


Mimos Pillow Bounty Pack Guide - Evidence

1)      Please provide links / evidence to each of the ticked points.

We are excited to share with you the clinical trial result that has recently been published in the Health journal. 614 more words

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Why Once You're a NICU Mama, You're Always a NICU Mama

We  NICU parents are a pretty special breed of people, second only to our little preemies who came out early but determined to survive. NICU is a hellish experience, whether you’re there for a week or months, and it isn’t one I would wish on anyone. 628 more words

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