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Went off the Reservation

Just stick to the script. That’s all you had to do. You seriously jeopardized the whole plan when you told the rich young man that the way to eternal life was to sell what he owned, give to poor and follow You. 49 more words


This is not a movement.

It’s hard to name a blog. Many blogs are named for the person writing it. I wanted to stay a little more anonymous. When thinking about a name for the blog I wanted it to describe me and also describe the topics that I would write about. 681 more words

Scripture of the week

Scripture that sums up my week in Ether 3:

  1. And it came to pass that the brother of Jared … went forth unto the mount … and cried again unto the Lord, saying:
  2. 1,433 more words
Sister Missionaries

Spiritual Whirlwinds

This month’s teachings for our times lesson was based on the talk by Elder Neil L Andersen, of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. As we discussed his talk about spiritual whirlwinds we came up with a list of our own: 290 more words

Teachings For Our Time

Is Baptism essential for Salvation?

I could answer this question quite simply and succinctly by just saying yes.  However, rather than just taking my word for it, let’s look to God’s word and see what the Bible teaches on baptism. 1,708 more words


1 Peter 4

1 Peter 4: Gospel Preached unto the Dead

Peter writes that just as Christ had suffered for our sins in the flesh, we should do… 374 more words

New Testament

1 Peter 3

1 Peter 3: Christ Preached in the Spirit World

                Peter writes about how wives should be in subjection of their husbands, Peter gives the explain that… 655 more words

New Testament