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My Alter Ego

Jamie arrived at life’s “crowning achievement” before the rest of us. She had turned 19 earlier in the summer so it was not surprising when she announced her engagement to a young, ambitious Man of God. 557 more words

The Plan of Salvation

Many years ago I was challenged to write a single page summary of the plan of salvation by an apostle, either Elder Boyd K Packer or Elder L. 1,030 more words

Jesus Christ

Sunday Talk: "Who are you?"

Hello WordPress Ward!!

Instead of highlighting a new blog on Sunday, I will start reading blogs (who are already part of the WordPress Ward) and selecting spiritual blog posts from the past and re-bloging them as a “Sunday Talk.” I will always ask for permission and I will always link back to your blog. 253 more words


Highlighting: Mormon Woman Viewing from the Mountain Top

Blog Name: Mormon Woman Viewing from the Mountain Top

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Testimony: I love Jesus Christ implicitly. 134 more words


Lazy Satan

Oh, don’t get me wrong.  He’s working tirelessly to upset the apple cart.  In fact his work and his glory is to destroy the agency and eternal life of man.   713 more words

The Top Gospel Teaching Tips, According to Science

A number of years ago, I found myself sitting in an Elder’s Quorum meeting. For as long as I can remember, Elder’s Quorum lessons had focused on the teachings of different presidents of the Church (this year, for example, we’re studying… 1,566 more words


A Life Changing Prayer

Sometimes a life can be changed by hearing another person offer a prayer instead of saying it ourselves.  Over 2,000 years ago, in a small garden outside the walled city of Jerusalem 292 more words

Jesus Christ