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News- Malaysion plane.

The search area for the missing MH370 plane has narrowed and will be at “a critical juncture” in the next two days, says Malaysia’s acting transport minister. 336 more words

Side of the Road: Chihuahua Desert

I’ve decided to add a new category of post: Side of the Road. These posts will be for those micro-adventures that can often be found right off the beaten path; the interesting structure or a trail you hadn’t noticed before, a sign that points you down a road you would normally bypass. 449 more words


How To Take Off Vertically In A Plane - The Harrier Jumpjet

This one reminds me of my childhood. Watching a plane take off vertically was something quite special, and still is even now. This was the only jet plane at the time that could pull off this feat, and it certainly is quite a feat of engineering to get this to work. 81 more words



Never stop chasing your dreams.

A sign in the sky

I was about to head off for the long weekend…and then I saw a plane drawing this in the sky…This city always surprises me :)
Happy Easter everybody!


Ultralight pilot OK after emergency landing in Surrey

VANCOUVER – It was a close call for the pilot of an ultralight aircraft in Surrey Friday afternoon.

He was trying to land the plane when he realized he wasn’t going to make it to the runway. 38 more words