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A flight in a beautiful warbird

On Sunday, I was able to take a flight in a 70-year-old plane. I flew in a B-17G called Sentimental Journey. It was amazing. I hadn’t even been in a propeller plane before, so my first time was aboard a World War II-era bomber. 94 more words


Secret X-37B robotic space plane returns from 2-year orbital mission

A top-secret space plane landed safely at an Air Force base on the Southern California coast. The plane spent nearly two years circling Earth on a classified mission. 231 more words

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Final Destination (2000) Review

Final Destination (2000) Review
*Warning Possible Disturbing Images For Some*

Hello everyone! WHITE FLASH here with another review and today I’ll be reviewing the horror thriller film Final Destination that spun out more sequels than they thought it would. 717 more words

marsy: Can't post, getting ready for a flight

What the title says. Here’s a video instead of an actual post. If you haven’t seen this already then I feel sorry for you. It’s ok though – you can watch it now.

Horizon At 30,000

I woke to the curve

Of the world

At sunrise.

The oranges and

The pinks

Painting clouds.

The horizon of the

Sky never seemed

Clearer… 8 more words


Life or Death

So apparently there is a name, technically two, for my condition(s). Acrophobia and coasterphobia! The names are pretty self explanatory but I have a fear of heights and I absolutely loathe roller coasters. 484 more words