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A Quietus Review: My Love is a Bulldozer by Venetian Snares (July 10th, 2014)

The latest album from Aaron Funk starts off in the manner of the vehicle in its title, with ’10th Circle Of Winnipeg’, a truly superlative track in the Venetian Snares canon. 524 more words

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A Dusted Review: Unfidelity by Ekoplekz (March 14th, 2014)

Ekoplekz’s music is the equivalent of roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, a weird and quintessentially Limey concoction that could have only been spawned on these islands of tea and crumpets. 386 more words

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Aerotropolis (2013)--- Ikonika

Ikonika is, in my opinion, an under-appreciated genius. Her music is like the jazz of electronic music and truly represents to me what “dubstep” should be. 423 more words


Venetian Snares -- 'My Love Is a Bulldozer'

Releasing albums since the latter part of the nineties Aaron Funk recently stepped back from his Venetian Snares project to record an album with Joanne Pollock as Poemss; a record that came out earlier this year and one that could be considered easy listening by comparison. 287 more words