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Are Apes Sexist? Yes, According to Hollywood

At the Miami Book Fair in 2013, I had the pleasure of reading together with a former film director whose words about Hollywood standards for a gender-equal screenplay stunned me with disappointment.   625 more words

Laura Valeri

Andy Serkis on Star Wars: The Force Awakens Rumors

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Actor Andy Serkis, Planet of the Apes, spoke on some of the rumors concerning who exactly he plays in the upcoming Star Wars movie. 227 more words


Best and Worst of 2014

Overall 2014 has been a great year for movies.  I haven’t seen every movie by a long shot but I have seen my fair share.  I am still planning on seeing Annie, Into the Woods and Interstellar but I figured I’d go ahead with this post anyway.  215 more words

Director Matt Reeves Hints at Next Planet of the Apes

Sunday Brunch of the Planet of the Apes

LOS ANGELES, CA (SWP): In the last installment of the rebooted series, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, we got to see the apes evolving from a very primitive culture and peacefully living away from humans.

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Three new figures in Planet of the Apes series by NECA

The now-lustrous film franchise got its beginnings with French author Pierre Boulle’s 1963 novel La Planète des Singes, which depicted a race of intelligent apes who battled with humans over control of the world. 152 more words

Not Going Out's Katy Wix to star in Ridley Scott's, Planet of the Baboons

It has been confirmed that Not Going Out’s Katy Wix, is the star of Sir Ridley Scott’s up-and-coming blockbuster, Planet of the Baboons, which will be released late next year. 251 more words

What If? Rejects #3.2: Planet of the Apes

Randall Munroe’s What If?

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Q: What sort of logistic anomalies would you encounter in trying to raise an army of apes? 632 more words