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Getting Started

I know some really brave people who actually began their adventures by just booking tickets and flying out to various locations and finding work, which takes some real guts! 860 more words


Why we can never save the planet

To save the entire planet is rather ambitious. Even impossible. It’s kind of hard to say it will ever be possible, when there are so many of us on this planet. 165 more words

A Tough Life For Kids Who Feel Too Much

Last night I went with a friend to rent a DVD from the DVD store – can you believe those things actually still exist? At first I thought it was closed, and even when we did find it to be open, I thought it had been abandoned. 1,460 more words


Trivia Tuesday #1

Trying out something new!

Okay, I like random facts and weird trivia. I like learning new things that aren’t necessarily needed in everyday life. But who cares!? 130 more words


Centauri Homeworld

After I have watched again Babylon 5 in recent weeks, I thought I might create a fanart within this universe. I have finally decided to draw a planet illustration – an image of Centauri Prime and that’s only because I realy like the Centauri cruiser. 39 more words


Complex life may be possible in only 10% of all galaxies

The universe may be a lonelier place than previously thought. Of the estimated 100 billion galaxies in the observable universe, only one in 10 can support complex life like that on Earth, a pair of astrophysicists argues. 813 more words