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Event Tahunan Teleskop Luar angkasa Hubble 2014 (Hoag's Object)

Sebuah galaksi yang membentuk lingkaran yang hampir sempurna terbuat dari bintang berwarna biru yang mengelilingi inti yang berwarna kuning. Keseluruhan galaksi ini seluas 120.000 tahun cahaya, sedikit lebih besar dari galaksi bimasakti kita. 118 more words


time (by an amateur)

Does the moment include everything because everything can’t be anywhere else. Both past and future are ideas held in the moment’s grip for there is nowhere else to be. 240 more words


Plastic waves

There are many pieces of plastic in our oceans. We are not just talking about a little bit here and there. PLOS ONE journal states it is 5.25 trillion particles of plastic – 5.25 TRILLION!   151 more words


It's Time to Say Bon Voyage to Venus Express

Launched in 2005, the European Space Agency’s Venus Express successfully entered orbit around our cloud-shrouded neighboring world. Now, after more than eight and a half years of scientific observations Venus Express has run out of fuel and will soon go gentle into that good night – that is if by “going gentle” you mean death-diving into the corrosive, sulfuric acid-laden atmosphere of an intensely overheated planet. 75 more words


From cat cafes to rabbit cafes

It’s all been a bit quiet on the blog for this past month, but as I said before, I can only be obsessed with one thing at a time – this time it’s Christmas. 444 more words


Lonely Planet App

App Design Design Methods, Fall 2014

App Design Design Methods, Fall 2014

App Design Design Methods, Fall 2014

App Design Design Methods, Fall 2014

App Design Design Methods, Fall 2014

Are there cows on Mars?

Obviously there are no cows on Mars but NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover detected an increase of methane in the atmosphere and organic molecules from the soil during one of its drilling sessions. 201 more words