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There are facts and then there are morals - Veganism Optimism

Robot Smith here.

Today, let’s talk veganism.

*doors shutting* *chairs sliding away from desks* *music turned to maximum* *laptop folding sound* *lights off*

Alright, so not a fun subject for most folks out there, but a subject of importance all the same. 1,476 more words


Monochrome Lighthouse

Just experimenting with odd themes and colors. Hope you find it interesting.

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Jupiter is the fastest rotating
planet, which can complete
one revolution in less than
ten hours


The Perfect Pastel

I’m all about pastels. If you’re an avid reader, you’ve seen my previous posts on pastel handbags and leather jackets. For the past month, I’ve noticed more and more people opting to stray from the usual black, navy and tan coats, and instead invest in eye-catching pastel blends. 73 more words

Damn, Has This Planet Got Rings


For some perspective, this planet’s rings stretch the same distance between Earth and the sun. Although it seems like the planet is very small, it’s actually between ten and 40 times bigger than Jupiter. 44 more words

Outer Space

Want To Be Happy? You Only Have To Do 1 Thing. Over And Over.

by Alisha Huber

Matthieu Ricard says that the way for all of us to live sustainably on this planet is to adopt a culture of thinking about each other. 316 more words


Snowpocalypse: How Global Warming Creates Gargantuan Blizzards

Climate scientists say extreme blizzards are the new normal.

by Cliff Weathers

Severe winter storm events often prompt naysayers to mock, “Where’s that global warming?” 534 more words