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Blood Moon

Last night at 12:07 am I was able to witness the lunar eclipse. It was magical, the shadow the earth cast upon the moon made it appear a copper-red color. 238 more words

April 2014

The Family of the Ram

Welcome to the fountainhead of the White Awakening! Today it’s sweeping the world for all to see, rattling the bastions of power and seismically shifting the racial landscape. 343 more words

White Awakening

Pluto in Capricorn and World Society

Pluto in Capricorn creates an intensely interesting dynamic in world society because it means the controlling transformations going on at the moment are being managed very coolly and from a high vantage point, with as few public outbursts as possible. 2,235 more words

Exploring Astrology


It seems that every few years or so, somebody comes out with a book or documentary film which claims the world is about to meet its end. 435 more words

Repent The End is Near; Again!?

During my life I have lived through the end of the world somewhere around 40 times, not counting all the ends of civilization as we know it. 460 more words