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Imaginary-to-Real in Three Easy Aspects

Do you wish your imaginary friends were real?

What, you say you have no imaginary friends? Is the person you spend most of your time with what you imagined him/her to be? 791 more words

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Putting the Saturn back in Saturnalia

Our modern day Christmas celebration occurs around the same time as the ancient festival of Saturnalia, which, according to this website, became absorbed into the Christmas festivities about the fourth century AD. 746 more words

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Your Horoscope: the Wheel of Fortune or The World?

The Rider Waite tarot cards The World and Wheel of Fortune are similar in their astrological symbolism. Both have the circle (or wheel in the center) and are surrounded by the four fixed signs. 523 more words

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Lois Duncan's Charismatic Characters

While it’s been years since I’ve been a young adult or actively read young adult literature, one of my favorite young adult authors is still… 786 more words

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The Unplanned

When a very busy colleague became ill this week, I provided my favorite mantra: “There’s never really a good time to be sick.”

Accidents and death are two other events in which there’s never a good time for them to occur. 975 more words

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