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The Quality Formerly Known as Greed

A couple decades ago when vanity license plates surged in popularity here in central Ohio, a friend remarked, “Isn’t vanity supposed to be a bad thing?” 1,653 more words

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Personal and Social Consciousness

Personal consciousness in the horoscope is represented by the sign Cancer and the 4th house. Its opposite, social consciousness, is represented by the opposite sign Capricorn and opposite 10th house. 781 more words

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Interest and Awareness

We’re all familiar with the phenomenon of hearing a new word, discovering a new idea, seeing an icon and suddenly seeing it, hearing it everywhere. 1,034 more words

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The Mozart-Salieri Complex

Amadeus, a movie released in 1984, tells the story of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s musical genius through the eyes of an envious peer Antonio Salieri. Salieri is both in awe of Mozart’s genius and also self-loathing of his own perceived “mediocrity.” 1,012 more words

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Creative Astrology

Astrology to me isn’t a belief system but simply a description. But like all descriptions or belief systems, it can get in the way of direct experience. 520 more words

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Saturn in Sagittarius FAQ

Dear Sagittarians, please sit down.

A little over two years ago Scorpios had to sit down for “the talk.” Now it’s your turn.

In just a few months at the end of December, Saturn, the great taskmaster, is visiting your sign. 1,212 more words

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