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The Vibe

Just in time for Christmas, Mercury has now moved into Capricorn bringing thoughts of tradition and the gift of being an organisational star which will ensure you achieve everything on your to-do list before the big day next week. 219 more words


Fill Her Up!

sketched this out last night, to kind of tie into the last one, had the idea of the gas station in Nevada, and the guy comes out to see what all the noise is, obviously looking the other way:) 6 more words

Astrological Keywords for the Planets: Uranus

In the horoscope Uranus represents how you seek the freedom to express your individuality. The essential keywords for Uranus are: Change, Disruption, and… 169 more words



The universe has existed for an eternity. The universe will continue to do that for an infinitum.

In that period, stars have taken birth, Nebulas have formed, Galaxies have orbited a thousand Suns, and numerous planets, asteroids and moons have found their place in all this. 320 more words


The Vibe

The Nodes are at Station, like a train going nowhere with the engine runnning. Quite a timely Station too what with the energy from the Uranus in Aries Square Pluto in Capricorn still influencing us and making us think.. 189 more words


Taking the Universe Personally: Neil Shubin’s “The Universe Within”

The full title is The Universe Within: The Deep History of the Human Body. Neil Shubin explores the connections between us and the history of not only the planet but the cosmos as well. 728 more words

Chain Of Life