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The Wild Horse Moon

Jupiter and Mars play an important role in the eighth lunation of 2014. Jupiter in close but waning conjunction to the new Moon in tropical Leo tells us this is a month of ambitions, for pulling the stops out, getting the most out of life and taking back ownership of our personal roles within the bigger picture. 916 more words


Venus Deserts the Desert

So here I am nearly 7o further south and 16o further west with hopes of taking advantage of the clear and darker skies around the Tucson Arizona area. 278 more words

Earth And Space

Some Coming Attractions: two comets and a dwarf planet

It’s been a while since I put a post together. I thought some of the space exploration highlights to come were worth a note, so here are a few I’m watching develop. 320 more words


the suitor

like a planet circling the sun
around you I move   a planet
among planets I never tire
your attractions impel me onward
your radiance is my only light… 39 more words


Venus Express completes final orbit manoeuvre

(Visualisation of Venus Express during its aerobraking manoeuvre – Photo Credit: ESA/C. Carreau)

The European Space Agency’s Venus Express spacecraft has successfully completed it’s final orbital correction manoeuvre without any problems, invalidating concerns that the craft could run out of fuel  and prematurely crash into Venus.