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Welcome to our page!

Hello there! This blog site has been set up as an extension of our Astronomy Club. This way, we can share power-points, videos, lectures, and anything with one another. 61 more words



…that life had a way of getting in the way of dreams, plans, and good intentions.
I should have taken the hint whenever troubles rained down, that every day was NOT going to be sunny. 315 more words

YellowRoseForTexas: Ed's Big Freak out & More

Fans of YellowRoseForTexas, Rose covers a lot of material in this interview from October 11th, 2014. People will be stunned if even half of what she says is true. Amazing stuff! -LW

What's Happening On The Galactic Front

Starting work on some low-poly scenes :D

Some low-poly stuff I made in Blender to learn the tools. Nothing too complicated at the moment, but I’m having fun.

Wednesday Warnings: Google Earth Fails, The Known Universe, Beautiful Buildings, and Dance of the Planets

Google Earth is a wonderful tool, but occasionally, they do get things a bit, um, wrong:


A digital tour of the entire known universe, starting in the Himalayas: 150 more words

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The sounds of ice... in space

In space, no one can hear you scream… right? Well, the planets – and their icy rings! – make their voices heard in this eerie compilation of “Space Sounds” recorded by the… 30 more words