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This is a list I’ve always wanted to do. I have always had an incredible obsession with instellar horror (horror movies set in space or on alien planets). 1,192 more words


Hello Mr. Puppet. Hello Miss Marionette.

Almost all children are fascinated by puppeteers in fairs. It requires skill and a lot of practice to be able to manipulate the strings in the correct way, so that, the puppets dance to the tune of the puppeteer. 1,056 more words

Palestine and Israel: The Twins need a hero

Listening to the broadcasts about the latest Israeli/Palestinian conflict (July 2014), I feel I have to write about this from a cosmic perspective. It is so difficult to understand the reasons why two peoples who have been “without a country” would continue to beat each other up, like the Montagues and Capulets or the Hatfields and the McCoys. 1,307 more words


Missing: Titan’s waves. If found report to NASA

By Kruti Shrotri

Titan is one of the most intriguing bodies in our solar system. The largest of Saturn’s sixty-two moons, it is the only planetary object other than Earth known to have rivers and lakes on its surface. 363 more words


Sun Not in Leo Today

According to the pseudoscience of astrology the Sun enters the constellation of Leo the Lion on Tuesday 22 July at 5 pm CDT (22 UT). When in fact the actual position of the Sun today is within the boundaries of the constellation of… 87 more words

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