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Talking to Young People

Hey Adults,

When I was a teenager I thought I knew everything about everything, as most teens do. I was so confident in my knowledge and flirtation skills that everyone thought I was having sex WAY before I really was. 599 more words

Does Your Local Abortion Clinic Have A Coupon?

What, no fries with that?

Not sure if this is just sick or someone at Life News did a quick Google search, but it seems that to drum up business, abortion providers are offering cash off and free services to go along with that abortion you’ve always wanted. 111 more words


Spotlight: Congresswoman Jackie Speier reveals her abortion story

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The choice to have abortion is a touchy subject to talk about, but to face the truth it happens. 114 more words

Planned Parenthood

Links & Quotes

Some great reading I found today.

Dr. James Dobson won a big lawsuit against ObamaCare. Read more here.

“People are always saying it’s the other person’s fault, the other one who needs to change. 114 more words

Cackle, Cackle, Cackle

The Devil delights in the handiwork of his partner. He must really be enjoying this age, where there is unprecedented freedom to work openly.


New Margaret Sanger Video Unearthed

Where she demands no more babies.

The population bomb ended up being a bunch of anti-humanist crock, just like so many of the other ideals and theories of the left. 7 more words