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2015 Financial Check-Up

By Julie Fletcher, Certified Financial Planner™ at Sharkey, Howes & Javer

1. Even if you are “maxing out” your retirement plan contributions, is it enough? 790 more words


The random flashes of inspiration!


Two posts in one day, I know. It’s shocked me as well but I HAD to share this with you! While I was sat at my desk adding some lists to my planner I realised that I had made it look really nice with semi-neat handwriting (I’m a leftie so my handwriting will always look awful), that I didn’t want to mush it up with having a brain dump or note taking section in my planner. 844 more words

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A great tool for parents

We want organized kids.

But why?

Does their disorganization drive is nuts? Yes…

But…. Why?

Because it reminds us of us. They struggle with the day to day just like we do, and their struggles remind us of how badly we want to be better at work, the house, the kids…. 124 more words

Old and New

There’s something terribly exciting and bittersweet about starting anew. I’m mostly excited for 2015 and the adventures and experiences it holds–many things I can’t even imagine. 165 more words


Tokyo Stationery Eye Candy (Part 5) - Suica the Penguin

I think it is not necessary to restate my obsession with penguins. In Tokyo, one of there main metro line called JR has a mascot of a little penguin! 373 more words

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A walk through my planners (video)

Hello! This is a 2 part walk through video of my planners for 2015 and how I’m staying organized. You can find photos, details, and links to printables used in my previous post… 19 more words


Bright Young Things: The Passion Planner

Let’s talk about staying organized. 2014 is coming to a close, and it’s that time of year when we’re all (okay, well the Type A/INFJs among us anyway) thinking about how to perfect our planning and organizing systems for the new year. 697 more words

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