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Going with the (ebb and) flow (of the freelance writing life)

Having your own writing business involves dealing with work that ebbs and flows.

You may have a client hire you, but then delay the start of the project, delay payment, change the scope after you start, give you more than you expect a lot sooner than you expect… it’s seldom as straight forward as it should be. 464 more words


Get Ready, ‘Cause Here I Come…. House Cleaning

Get Ready….Great song….Rare Earth. Remember it?

We are getting ready for the event of our lifetime and our attention is focused on house cleaning. I don’t speak of just cobwebs and dog dander, but cleaning up contact lists, visiting doctors, and updating wills. 462 more words


Is there any originality left?

Originality in the wedding industry is a tricky subject. Just looking through Facebook you see one company stealing another’s pictures to pass off as their own (intellectual property theft by the way!), you see companies undercutting each other on exactly the same packages, you see hotels putting “package deals” together to save you money but in fact almost creates the “conveyor belt” effect where all weddings are very similar. 333 more words


Day 114 - Creating a Schedule

Obviously it’s been a slow month in terms of the etsy store. However, in terms of life, it’s been a crazy month of cramming in time with friends, attending a wedding and Thanksgiving. 358 more words


Detached house planned in Ludlow garden on Burway Lane

A planning application has been submitted to subdivide the garden of Burfield on Burway Lane, Ludlow and build a detached house (14/04422/FUL). The closing date for comments in 4 November, though in practice comments will be taken up to the point the decision is made if they raise material considerations.


Observed Lessons to Learn

This week I had two observations, one with my professor and one with my teacher. Both observations have me reflecting over different aspects of my performance, the need to read my students better, and the need for more differentiation within the small groups. 1,351 more words