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Christmas in July: 5 Reasons Why I'm Gift Shopping Now

There’s always that joke about Christmas in July, referring to the stores that start putting out their Christmas displays in the middle of summer. I’ve been seeing stores have their fall and Halloween items out, so I’m sure their Christmas and winter things will be coming soon. 914 more words


Everyday Tips for Everyday Gals - Breakfast

I consider myself an everyday gal – an ordinary woman living amidst this crazy, unordinary, millennial generation. Like many everyday girls, I have ambitions and goals such as trying to make ends meet and honing good time management skills; organizing myself, my home, and anything else that craves order; staying as mentally un-frazzled as possible. 904 more words

Purposeful Living

Moving to a new school

This can be a worrisome time for any child and their family, but is sometimes especially the case for children with special educational needs.  You, as your child’s advocate, will want to ask some questions of the new school either in writing or in person, to ensure they are prepared and able to support the child’s needs.   365 more words


Help! This Gal needs a Chip

No tortilla chips? No problem. You can easily make your own!

Usually, I have plain ol’ corn tortillas around the house. So, this recipe is easy peasy! 120 more words



It happens to all of us. Despite our best efforts, the week rolls around all too quickly after the weekend and we wake up on Monday morning feeling flat and depleted before we even start. 649 more words


Preparing to Enter A Foreign Country

So, as you know, I am from the United States. I have been out of the country before, but never for too long of a period of time (no more than 4 months at a time). 1,636 more words


Routine Maintenance & Potential Delays in TTC

You know how you have your car given a once-over before a long road trip? You check the tire treads, make sure they’re properly aired up, check all the fluids, change the oil if needed, etc., etc? 673 more words

Planning Ahead