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And then what?

After the new president is announced, what will happen? I will just say what is on the minds of so many working at BJU. The students will not really feel the impact of the new president like the employees will. 70 more words

Planning Ahead

Contemplating a Life of Crime.

Despite being a shockingly law-abiding citizen, I love crime. Crime novels, television crime dramas, true crime, the psychology of serial killers, the minute detail of forensic investigation. 625 more words


A Delicious Oxymoron

I would describe this hefty vegetarian sandwich (one that’s only a small step away from being vegan) with this word: beefy.

Mushroom & Carrot Deli Sandwich:

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Planning Ahead


2014.04.09 Wednesday.

Thinking about trees. Jon, the Certified Arborist from Strobert was over this afternoon to consult. We went around the entire yard. Some good news, some bad news. 884 more words

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What Will This Week Hold

I got sentimental this morning and re-published my lament from last semester. I have to wonder what this week will hold. Are AACS-accredited schools any wiser in their performance choices?

Pray with me.

Planning Ahead

To Butter or Not to Butter

The New York Times recently ran an opinion piece titled “Butter is Back.” It referenced a new medical review published in The Annals of Internal Medicine that examined multiple studies comparing cardiac risk in those who had diets made up of higher levels of polyunsaturated fats vs. 807 more words


14. It's all in the planning

Today we have been planning our second break of the year which is SO exciting! We have a little bit of extra annual leave to use up so we were thinking of trying to find somewhere new to explore after the summer. 12 more words