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Tuesday's Housewife: Planning Ahead

In 2014 I went back to work after having taken a year off because, a. I didn’t care for my job and b. I wanted to try out the house wife hat. 272 more words



A few months ago, I decided to try to implement a No Food Waste policy in our house. We have always been very conscientious about no wasting food but unfortunately there is always something that makes it to the bin. 340 more words


Church Budgets: Why Are They Important?

I don’t remember any course in Bible College or in Seminary where I was taught about Church Budgets, yet every year, I have to work with my Board, and then with my Church Members to build a Budget we can agree on for the next year. 799 more words


Planner 101: How to Use It, When to Use It

Last week, Hillary told you to pick a planner, any planner (well, the right one for you, at least). This week, I’m telling you to use it wisely, because a planner is a terrible thing to waste- I should know. 790 more words


Shit Happens, But Can You Prevent Some of It?

Deciding if you are setting yourself up for disaster.
Victim of circumstance or victim by design?

Mike lost his second-biggest account three months ago. Several weeks later, his 17-year-old son was involved in a serious car accident which resulted in two surgeries, a three-week stay in the hospital, and ongoing physical therapy. 524 more words

Doris Wild Helmering

Whole Life Challenge - Day 4

Hopefully I’ll start actually posting these on the evening of the┬áday and not the morning after…

Yesterday, I knew that we didn’t have any more meat thawed so I had to go buy dinner. 160 more words


Tip Tuesday - Packing your Lunch

Today’s tip is fairly simple, and becomes second nature quickly. If you tend to eat out at lunch time during the week, one easy way to improve your meal plan is to start bringing a healthy lunch from home. 406 more words