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Fight to Thrive

I did something crazy this week.  I bought a real, paperback book at full price at a real live bookstore.  BAM! (That’s actually the name of the bookstore I bought it from.)  I’m usually impatient when I hear about a good book, and I just download it, but the other day I happened to be killing time at the mall with Skye when I ran into this title at BAM!: “Shut Up, Stop Whining and Get A Life: A Kick-Butt Approach to a Better Life” by Larry Winget.   1,012 more words

What a Week

I am not sure anyone will even believe the week I have just experienced.  But trust me, it is true.  Maybe many of you have had similar experiences. 2,327 more words

How Much Allowance Would Be Fitting for a College Student?

I dunno!!!  Translated…

After a year, as the parent of a freshman of college, I have something to share.

How much, do we, as parents, wire to our kids in college, this, is what we, the parents wanted to know.   477 more words


You Better Straighten Up!

The dreaded UTI is BAAAACK!

We have been battling it for a month. Three days of a new and stronger antibiotic, one to which she is not yet resistant, doesn’t seem to be working like we expected. 709 more words

Your estate plan is only as good as your children’s estate plans. If your children are not properly protected then their inheritance isn’t either. If your children have not done any estate planning then their inheritances (meaning YOUR MONEY) are not protected from their creditors, lawsuits, irresponsible spending, and ex- and current spouses. 59 more words

Connecticut Estate Planning Attorney

March 2013 -hopeful!

big projects

So, the newest rumor around the neighborhood is possibly some really really good news for us in regards to the frac-sand mine. I don’t want to get my hopes up yet, but we… 852 more words

New Farmer

When is the Risk Worth Taking?

Entrepreneurs are known as risk-takers. Whether the risk involves investing a large sum of money into a new venture or hiring a new employee, it’s critical to evaluate whether the risk is worth taking. 449 more words