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Help protect against Elder Abuse this Holiday Season

The National Center on Elder Abuse has begun their Home for the Holiday’s Elder Abuse Prevention campaign. As part of this campaign, the NCEA has released an informational brochure… 40 more words

Alicia Keys inspires a social movement

We Are Here is a social movement  will work on those issues that no one person or even country can solve alone. It is a form of acknowledgment that inspiration can overcome barriers to change and inertia. 18 more words

Back to Living a Quiet Life of . . . I Don’t Know

My sister, who has been here helping look after our 97-year-old father, left this morning, and shortly after she took off for places unkown, I went to dance class, leaving him alone. 642 more words


Inspirational Lady has Plans

So, it’s been a while.

I’ve had another baby since the last posting and opened a bridal shop. I’ve thought on and off about writing but have been somewhat busy procrastinating again… 340 more words

Positive Action

Estate Planning - The Worst Thing A Grandparent Can Do

Grandparents and other extended family members often try to help their disabled grandkids by leaving them money in their wills. As noble as this is, it may be the worst possible thing to do. 452 more words

Planning For The Future

The future is now

I don’t know the actual origin of the saying, “the future is now,” but I do remember the first time I heard it spoken.

I was a kid growing up in suburbs of Washington, DC. 478 more words


September is Senior Pet Wellness Month

Raising and spending time with pets are some of life’s greatest joys, yet pets require special treatment and care to live long, healthy lives. Pets, especially cats and dogs, age more rapidly than humans do, and your pet could be a senior before you realize it. 195 more words