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Expect the Unexpected

Saturday, Dec 22nd. Four days to Xmas. I am finally on holidays and feeling like I have everything under control. So I have a lazy lie in that morning and then slowly make my way down stairs in search of tea. 613 more words

“Maybe?” — Another Way to Consider Job Descriptions

By Cynthia Simmons

Perhaps I should start this blog post by saying what I do professionally: I’m a content professional. I write, edit, research, acquire, and assemble content. 351 more words

Job Search Lessons

The Language of Leadership in the 21st Century

I’ve always loved language. Admittedly, my facility in it is sadly limited to English, a few French words and phrases, body language (on a good day) and oh yes, a little pig Latin. 933 more words


My Back Yard, Then and Now

Looking out my back door I see my son playing in the backyard. Our backyard is something we treasure since we didn’t have this back home. 701 more words

The Daily Post Challenges

Use your influence carefully

This entry is intended as a cautionary tale for those of you who are parents, teachers, mentors, friends or otherwise in a position to influence current or future high school students. 1,038 more words

College Prep

The Girl in HR Speaks to Students about College and Career Planning

This past Thursday I had the extreme pleasure of speaking to a wonderful group (3 to be exact) of middle schoolers. My Guy’s mother is a science teacher and has been asking that I come to speak to her students, many of them in a program that helps to prepare them for college. 932 more words

History Repeats Itself

I think I’ve mentioned before that the series I’m writing right now came about because I heard a couple songs together while I was driving one day. 470 more words