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Estate Planning - The Worst Thing A Grandparent Can Do

Grandparents and other extended family members often try to help their disabled grandkids by leaving them money in their wills. As noble as this is, it may be the worst possible thing to do. 452 more words

Planning For The Future

The future is now

I don’t know the actual origin of the saying, “the future is now,” but I do remember the first time I heard it spoken.

I was a kid growing up in suburbs of Washington, DC. 478 more words


September is Senior Pet Wellness Month

Raising and spending time with pets are some of life’s greatest joys, yet pets require special treatment and care to live long, healthy lives. Pets, especially cats and dogs, age more rapidly than humans do, and your pet could be a senior before you realize it. 195 more words


Kickoff to National Preparedness Month

In honor of National Preparedness Month, we are going to cover steps to assemble and maintain an emergency kit. Emergency kits contain items that will assist in short-term survival of potential emergencies.   348 more words


Fight to Thrive

I did something crazy this week.  I bought a real, paperback book at full price at a real live bookstore.  BAM! (That’s actually the name of the bookstore I bought it from.)  I’m usually impatient when I hear about a good book, and I just download it, but the other day I happened to be killing time at the mall with Skye when I ran into this title at BAM!: “Shut Up, Stop Whining and Get A Life: A Kick-Butt Approach to a Better Life” by Larry Winget.   1,012 more words

What a Week

I am not sure anyone will even believe the week I have just experienced.  But trust me, it is true.  Maybe many of you have had similar experiences. 2,327 more words

How Much Allowance Would Be Fitting for a College Student?

I dunno!!!  Translated…

After a year, as the parent of a freshman of college, I have something to share.

How much, do we, as parents, wire to our kids in college, this, is what we, the parents wanted to know.   477 more words