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4 Reasons You Need To Schedule Your Content

If you manage social media for anyone other than yourself, you’ve probably figured out that sometimes you’d like to be able to send tweets when you’re not at work. 536 more words


Standish, The Secret, and THE MOUNTAIN

Since apparently I was remiss in posting pictures from our one and only camping trip last year up in Standish, here we go!


We pretty much hibernated all winter, but Maya and I kept busy. 486 more words


Re-potted history

I may have mentioned it before (once or twice) that I’m not proud. Not really. My wardrobe bears witness to this. And I’m certainly not too proud to laugh at myself when it comes to gardening. 403 more words


Are You Building Your Sales Plans Without the Customer?

When it comes to building annual plans, how disciplined are you?

Lots of annual plans are built by the executive team, especially finance.

Where’s your voice?  447 more words


getting ready for the big day

I helped a friend get ready for a huge meeting.

We chatted last night in preparation and I’m glad to report that it went really well today. 411 more words


Things to do list!

Apologies for the lack of updates, been a little hectic with revision and haven’t had much spare time. I eventually let my hair down a little over the weekend when I’d been at the revision for three weeks solid. 295 more words

The NyQuil Haze

Wow. I don’t really remember much of today.

Even now as I sit here, I’m drugged feeling, my head hurts and my stomach muscles hurt from all the coughing. 707 more words