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Find a Way or Make One

As we lick our wounds after realizing we “picked wrong” in our careers and listen to the soundtrack playing in our mind that tells us every reason that it is too late to make a change, why we can’t have the career that we want, why we won’t succeed, why “it” could never happen, etc., it would be very easy to have our very own pity party.  390 more words


Who are you?

“Don’t try and find who you are, Decide”.
By searching for who you are, it creates a disconnection from your mind and body. By making a conscious decision like ” I’m a health coach, my goal is to facilitate others in finding health and happiness”, now I can formulate action plans to achieve this. 217 more words

Great Expectations

I am a Millennial. But first, I was a PBS kid. Barney was my jam. Those shows all reinforced two ideas: (1) use your imagination and (2) you can be anything you want to be. 403 more words


New Year, Renewed You

When the start of a New Year comes along, most of us are ready to dive right into our shiny new goals and start chipping away at our resolutions. 801 more words

Starting the new year with a plan

One of the catalysts for deciding to change the work that I did and more importantly the way that I worked was to give myself some flexibility with my days. 805 more words

Enjoying Life


It’s a snowy night and our little town, the state, the northeast coast is pretty much shut down due to the weather.  School has been called off  for tomorrow and the majority of us are sitting home, watching a movie by the fire.   165 more words

A Look at Our Day

Lately I’ve had quite a few visitors in my kindergarten classroom. One of the questions that I’m asked over and over again is, “how do you fit it all in?”. 663 more words