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No May Mean Yes: Target Messages to What People Really Believe, Not What They Claim to Believe!

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”  Henry Ford

When the automobile industry’s famously quotable pioneer uttered these telling words, he hoped to convey the limited value of relying on customers’ stated desires for creative breakthroughs and technological innovation.

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Communication Skills

Enterprise essential - Add IMPACT to your message

I stands for intent (what do you want to achieve?) M – medium (what’s the best way to communicate?) P – profile (what does the message say about you or your organisation?) A – assumptions (are you making false assumptions?) C craft (is your message clear and concise?) T – them (does the message make sense to the recipient?)

Eighty Enterprise Essentials

The more time we spend in the pilot’s chair in the cockpit of our lives, the more assured we can be of the steering of our own flight path. 419 more words


Expat Living: Who Are We, After We're Done Being An Expatriate?

It was an innocent comment, in an otherwise unremarkable conversation. But it hit me like a bolt of lightning.

There it was… He had uttered the “R” word. 1,083 more words

Expat Life Lessons

Alumni Tips

Today we had our first alumni panel come to chat about their experiences in the MAIS program. Katy Anderson and Cesar Rangel shared challenges and tips! 416 more words


Mentoring for Innovation, Sustainability & Succession

Owners, directors and managers of North Burnett enterprises are invited to address their key business issues with our new Mentoring for Innovation, Sustainability & Succession Program. 128 more words

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Summer Project - Weatherly Sofa

I ran into Ana White’s website a few years ago and was impressed.  I like trying new things and she had that down to a science.   436 more words