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He Is In Control

December 1st and 2nd were already penned in on the calendar.:appointment, appointment, along with other mundane things that I had planned out on my calendar and in my mind that I would do for the week ahead: this week. 1,207 more words

Long Time, No See!!

Hey Y’all!

So, a few days after I started this blog, my computer crashed. As in it had thrown in the towel. After four years of college, the philosophy papers finally claimed the soul of my computer and it decided to go to the place where all old technology goes. 410 more words


Actualizing Greatness

I couldn’t sleep through the night, so I wrote.

At 5 a.m., this is what I felt…

I ask myself often, “what do I want” and, “who do I want to be?” 234 more words

Emergency Medical Technition

Emergency medical Technitions (EMT’s) provide and care for people through hard and unbearable circumstances, getting past the blood and guts to find the real life threatening problem is what they do. 442 more words