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I'm Sure I've Lost my Mind

I think I may have a low grade sinus infection. That plus working too many hours and being overly tired, I’ve made some entertaining moves. … 418 more words



I learned tonight that a friend’s father, scheduled for open heart surgery in the morning, had a heart attack today at the hospital. This is a man who never appeared (to me and a few others at least) to be unhealthy. 183 more words


Super Moon Lunar-cy

First off, I have decided the Super Moon is responsible for all bizarreness the last three days. My insane cat. My insomnia. My unending appetite and SAD choices. 534 more words



Books. I have always had piles of books. It it genetic. I grew up in a house piled high with books. The mother is a murder mystery fan. 1,072 more words


Summer Kale Salad

Quinoa, kale, tempeh, cashew plant-based cheesy sauce, red & yellow bell peppers.

Copyright 2014 Terri Meldahl


Recipes: Salad Roundup

I was never one for salads. I don’t know why, but the word to this day bears connotations of bland, off-tasting iceberg lettuce, minimal cucumber, and always too much tomato. 1,052 more words

SWG Challenge Days 1 & 2

Salt cravings. Horrible salt cravings, really since Thursday. Saturday was just short of a binge on as much salt laden food as a girl could take in. 396 more words