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Payday's Temporary Insanity

It has been a financially difficult couple of months. One thing after another has sapped my savings. Little things, that all add up and wham! … 240 more words


Pots for Peppers

I need to drink fast! I need a few more pots and these bottles are the perfect size! 😉


March Grocery Analysis

Waaaaay back I posted something about tracking what I spent on groceries for the month of March. March was a wild and crazy month, and there were a number of meals eaten out rather than in. 371 more words


Vegan Plant-based Brownie Delights

My first foodie YouTube video! I shot it with my camera phone. Let me know what you think!


Garden Series - Day 25

I have been so incredibly busy with work the last few weeks, I’ve not written an update or taken new photos. The garden status is: 210 more words


Garden Series - Days 8 & 10

The garden continues to grow.  In fact, I discovered kale and cucumbers growing from the watering mat where the seeds and soil had dropped through.  Time to consider transplanting. 74 more words


Garden Series Days 5, 6, & 7

Things began growing quickly!  We had a bit of a “cold snap” (cold for Florida that is).  Exactly what my little garden needed…the tomatoes popped up the next day.