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Spotlight on Weight

Of all the health topics swirling around in American society and media today, weight captures more attention than almost any other issue. Currently, obesity is considered to be epidemic in our country, with childhood obesity rates more than doubling over the past 30 years (and with adolescent obesity rates quadrupling). 1,825 more words

Strawberry & Blueberry Cobbler Pie

One of my favorite things to do is cook for other people. Whether it’s cooking a delicious meal for friends, family & co-workers, bringing a jar of fresh salsa as a… 449 more words



I learned tonight that a friend’s father, scheduled for open heart surgery in the morning, had a heart attack today at the hospital. This is a man who never appeared (to me and a few others at least) to be unhealthy. 183 more words


Bringing in the wheat

(Three Oaks, Michigan) I bet you didn’t know that Southwest Michigan is a leading wheat producer.  Well, you know now, because here are some photos from the 2014 wheat harvest taken along Kruger Road near Mill Road on July 17, 2014:

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Dragon Noodle Salad

The salads chapter of Isa Does It has been neglected, but I’ve become bored with lunches of late and went back to Chapter 2 for some ideas to get me through the summer slump.   315 more words


What's for dinner?

Well, duh:  carrot dogs, of course!  What?!?  Yeah, good, old carrot dogs with sauerkraut and mustard and onions and ketchup, and—well, anything you would put on a hot dog, you can pretty much put on a carrot dog.   122 more words

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Plant-based Iron-Rich Foods: Top 12 Sources + Infographic

Not sure where to get iron from plants? Well, for one, Moringa is also loaded with iron! Two, the article below will give you more ideas about other iron-rich plants. 73 more words