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Curaçao: Part III (Lunch at the Villa)

So this is the villa we stayed in (…NBD).

And in the back of this photograph if you squint really hard you might notice a tiki bar in the way back of the back patio… which looked to us like a pretty good place to enjoy a nice lunch. 99 more words


Jiallo's African-Caribbean Cuisine 4202 W. 56th Street

This place is in a strip mall next to 3 in 1 Restaurant we reviewed some weeks back. At that time we put it on our list. 476 more words


Curaçao: Part II (The Marketplace)

One of our favorite outings when we were in Curaçao for the wedding was visiting the marketplace!

Tropical fruit is an immense thing to behold, and it doesn’t seem to matter how efficient our system is for transporting fruits across country-lines, it just never tastes the same. 129 more words

Fried Plantains/Tostones

Many years ago I (well my parents and lil’ sis mostly) had a double life in Panama. Yes, the country, not Panama City, Florida. They lived there for four years while I was in college and I went back to visit during Christmas and summer break. 316 more words

Vegetarian Dishes

August Challenge, Day 17: Plantains

I find myself writing a lot about the food here, and really, doesn’t that make sense? Food is such a unique and specific part of a culture, and helps to form cultural identity. 389 more words



These things are delicious. Had them in Tanzania, properly, for the first time. I can stop buying them since Ive been back.

Anyone have any specialty recipes for plantains?! 7 more words

Whole30 Week 2

Good morning and welcome to the conclusion of week 2. This week should have still be a small struggle but on the positive you should have started to notice you’re sleeping better and waking up refreshed. 1,045 more words