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Trees for the Future

Future site of a forest garden! This barren plot will soon play host to a wide variety of tree and plant species. We’ll start with fast-growing trees that stabilize and fertilize the soil, then add in plants for local consumption and use, along with cash crops like coffee. 26 more words

Tree Planting Projects

Greening Australia!

We have wanted to plant about fifty native trees down this slope for a while now. We did plant some a couple of years ago, but it was at the end of spring and then we had a very dry summer and only about a dozen survived. 174 more words

The Farm

The newbies' guide to tree planting

Ok so I managed to pick up a couple of free alder trees on the last day of the Royal Welsh Show, luckily just a few miles down the road. 421 more words

"Planting Trees" -A Poem by Luke Austin Daugherty

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Planting trees - the long game

So here’s a little encouragement to anyone thinking of planting a tree or two…Three years ago, we planted a tiny ‘copse’ of about 50 bare-root saplings, most only about 60cm high. 907 more words


Planting Trees at the Damorosa Prevocotional School

A great day! The school has got a donation of fruit trees. So every class planted a tree around the permaculture garden.

Hanna was immediately assigned to led a class. 319 more words

Trees for the Future

Our planet would indeed do good if we would involve children more with nature.Like teaching them how to plant trees and cultivate forest gardens etc..Bringing them back to nature would stimulate the connectedness and would spiritually wake them up to the fact that we are destroying nature and that we urgently must create environmental friendly products and companies. 59 more words

Tree Planting Projects