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The simple act of planting a tree is hardly so simple

Most of us recognize that anyone who has stuck a tree into their front yard and managed not to kill it is hardly a tree planting expert. 376 more words

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#FixingClimateChange Part 4: Taking #EnvironmentalAction

This is the last in a series that began on March 19th exploring what we are TO DO about climate change.

Now that we understand a bit more about the workings of the human mind, various types of denial, danger zones for sliding into ignorance, and ancient teachings to help us stay attentive, let’s talk about what we can do to stop harming and start healing Earth. 375 more words

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Roller for applying herbicide

The roller is 2000 x 400mm. The herbicide is pumped from the tank through a soaker hose onto the roller, and is applied to the unwanted grass via the roller. 32 more words

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5 Tips for Tree Planting

More About Trees

Since I posted a few days ago about planting trees this year, I’m reminded about how easy it is to plant a tree badly (and how easy to… 949 more words


Is it really up to me?

Anything is Possible
You know that I’m unstoppable
When I try there’s nothing I can’t do
Anything is Possible
I can overcome any obstacle
It’s up to me to make my dreams come true… 643 more words

Bare Root Tree Planting Primer

Here is a tree planting primer for planting bare root trees. This is how my father taught me and I have planted hundreds of trees this way with great success. 97 more words

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Meenakshi’s sacred forest

The sun was warm in early February. The trees were beautiful and tall, having grown up in just a few short years on land that had been completely barren. 646 more words

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