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In my home I am all about the overall feel of things, and I believe everything put into my home affects this feeling. As I am renting there is only so much I can play with and I dream everyday of the time when I have a house of my own to furnish and decorate, and I can tell you- its going to be very different from the house we currently occupy. 226 more words


Plants: The Beauty & Function of Nature

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Plants are something we interact with almost daily – unless you literally don’t walk out of your house even once. 1,085 more words

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When landscaping for wildlife (including some insects), I prefer plants that provide multiple benefits through the seasons. A flowering crabapple tree (Malus spp.) with attractive, spring flowers and persistent, colorful fruit that feeds Robins in late winter is an example. 201 more words

Nature Photography

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Who: No one. In case you hadn’t noticed (I’m assuming you have) it’s not a person.

What: This is a small colony of Drosera intermedia… 345 more words


I’ll admit, I’ve gone air plant crazy. It’s become a problem. I buy them whenever I can, but how could you not when they’re so cheap? 139 more words