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Ruppia the key to healthy lagoons

By Sarah Thorne, Awarua Wetlands Project Manager

It sounds like a bad joke. What is green, stringy and lurks at the bottom of Waituna Lagoon… 384 more words

Native Plants


The year is swiftly rolling from the excessive daylight of June and July to the dwindling hours of autumn and winter. I have mixed feeling about this, especially as I’m now back at work and have fewer hours each day to dedicate to gardening. 87 more words

Piers Cooper

One Last Time: The Storr Again

Chris and I made a final trek up the Storr yesterday so that I could complete my field work for the SSSI Monitoring and he could see some of our most interesting plants. 89 more words

Humpday Mantra: Get Frantic

Today marks the last humpday of August. Which means saying goodbye to Summer and saying hello to Fall.  66 more words


The Truth about Japanese Knotweed

As far as I know, there isn’t any Japanese knotweed round our way. Which is good news, as the scare stories about what it can do to your garden and even your house are legion. 461 more words


Rushes in the Sun

The sun was shimmering 

the bullrushes were putting on a brave face

against the onslaught 


Balsam Bashing Dates: Sat 30th August and Sun 7th Sept, Mousley Bottom

Those who were tough enough to brave the rather inclement weather at the last balsam bash were impressed by the results of Derbyshire County Council’s sustained management of balsam in certain areas over a number of years – visible proof of the effectiveness of the programme, and a great morale booster in that we can clearly achieve something significant with the Tackling Invaders project. 204 more words