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why do we say “fall”

why do we say
in love?

it starts small.
it’s always
always a mistake
or something others
overlook. i see it

as something you find… 41 more words


Paper instead...

Sitting here thinking about

what coulda shoulda woulda been


what can’t shan’t and won’t be

because what may have been promises are now

promises that maybe shouldn’t have been promised… 40 more words

Creative Writing

Plastic bags: oceans in danger

We mainly use a plastic bag for few minutes – from the shop to the house – but it stays thousands years in nature, especially in deep oceans. 329 more words

Collaborative agency meetings

This morning, I went to a collaborative meeting in the community, representing the agency I work for.

This organization, in which I was attending the meeting at, provides many wonderful resources to people in the community who don’t have the means or access to food on a regular basis. 421 more words

Carrier bag charge introduced in Scotland

Scotland has now introduced a new legislation that charges shoppers for the use of carrier bags. 270 more words


Plastic Bags, Referenda and Retail Prices

I’ve just come off the radio after doing a short piece on the John Beattie Radio Scotland show about the introduction of carrier bag charging in Scotland. 613 more words


Plastic Flood: Waste and Privilege in the Kingdom

I have spent most of my life thinking that America was the most over-privileged, selfish and wasteful country on the planet, but I’m starting to wonder if this assumption needs to be revisited. 962 more words

Saudi Arabia