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NYC Considers Ban on Plastic Bags

Text and photos by Kimberly Cecchini-originally posted on The Capital Press.

Plastic bags are like leaves; rustling on the ground, adorning tree branches and floating through air and water. 556 more words

To bag or not to bag ...

New Yorkers are madder than usual – this time over a proposed fee on plastic bags.

The New York Times explains:

The New York City Council has a bill to limit the use of plastic bags. 524 more words

In The Rail Blog

Taming the Plastic Bag

So I’ve just finished putting into practice my first homemaker hack! (I read about this somewhere online – unfortunately cannot remember exactly where).

I am one of those shoppers who owns heaps of enviro bags, but always forgets to take them to the shops. 326 more words

How To Be A Domestic Goddess (Really, How??)

Discussion on Plastics and the Environment

Plastic Planet — A Marine LifeTalk at the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton

By Jennifer Durden

Plastic has become ubiquitous in the developed world in the last 60 years, and much of it ends up as waste in our oceans: up to 95% of marine waste is plastic debris. 59 more words

The Problem

A greener China bans free plastic bags

China is banning shops and supermarkets from handing out free plastic bags, and calling for a return to the cloth bags of old. The ban, which was posted on a government website on Tuesday, January 8th, takes effect in June. 14 more words

The Problem

PLASTIC STATE OF MIND (Empire State of Mind Parody)

Greenhouse gas emissions
Plastic manufacturing’s air pollution contributes greatly to global “weirding” (extreme weather of all sorts) we are experiencing is the result.
Made by passionate volunteers on a super tiny budget, on the behalf of Green Sangha! 386 more words

The Problem