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Plastic Bags, Referenda and Retail Prices

I’ve just come off the radio after doing a short piece on the John Beattie Radio Scotland show about the introduction of carrier bag charging in Scotland. 613 more words


Plastic Flood: Waste and Privilege in the Kingdom

I┬áhave spent most of my life thinking that America was the most over-privileged, selfish and wasteful country on the planet, but I’m starting to wonder if this assumption needs to be revisited. 962 more words

Saudi Arabia

More on Plastic: Produce Bags

In the same vein as my last post, I’d like to share another simple tip regarding reusing plastic. Specifically, plastic grocery bags.

Now, I’m not talking about the plastic grocery bags that you get at the checkout, in which you bag all of your groceries. 530 more words

Aboo Ahmad Restaurant - for plastic-free takeaway

I finally snapped a photo of our favorite place for Egyptian street food – Aboo Ahmad’s! For those of you who haven’t eaten here yet, we highly recommend it. 129 more words

Alternatives To Plastic

Helping Hand

I was sitting in my car after having made a purchase in one of my favorite stores, The Home Depot, when I noticed a young mother pushing a cart that had three large bags of mulch. 650 more words


Cheboygan Passes Plastic Bag Ordinance

Karen Martin emailed her friends today, informing them on the news that Cheboygan County passed a resolution that supports encouraging limiting plastic bag use. It’s a baby step, as she calls it, but a step all the same, and will eventually lead toward stopping plastic bag use altogether. 251 more words


Scottish Legislation Introduces Single-Use Bag Charge

On October 20 2014, legislation from the Scottish Government will come into effect meaning that retailers across Scotland must charge a minimum of 5p for single use carrier bags. 611 more words