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Mini Herb Wall

Everyone likes a few fresh herbs, the ones that they use the most and the best way to use them is to have them on hand in your kitchen. 375 more words


Sweet Display

Bottles are a fabulous resource, I often use the top and main body of them as mini green houses for plants. This leaves me with lots of bases that normally just end up going in the recycling. 541 more words


Earth Day Soma Style

Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day is here and thanks to Soma, you can celebrate and stay safely hydrated. Soma is the game changing eco-friendly water filter system with design-winning looks that is make of glass (no plastic!) and 100% biodegradable filters. 64 more words


Unilever Pledges To Cut 15% Of The Plastic From Every Bottle

In a move that is sure to be welcomed by environmental advocates and discerning consumers alike, Unilever says it will be cutting out 15% of the plastic in each bottle of its products to cut down on the landfill clutter currently building up around the world.

Unilever says it will use less plastic per bottle

AMSTERDAM (AP) — Unilever PLC, the producer of countless disposable containers that clutter the landfills of the world, says it is adopting technology that will cut the amount of plastic it needs to use in each bottle by 15 percent. 104 more words


I'd Tap That

Keeping hydrated is an important part of everybody’s day. Seeing as our bodies are 70% water, we have to drink enough daily to help our bodies maintain bodily functions and keep our energy up. 822 more words

Earth Day!

Well, Earth day is today. But why not be fashionable with your clothes, while being environmental, too! 

The wedding gown above is made out of thousands of recycled plastic bottles!  84 more words