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How Plastic Bottles Are Recycled Into Polyester

What do you think about this? Makes us feel that recycling should be our last resort, so we try to avoid making purchasing products that require recycling. 63 more words


January 15 (Day 15 of 365)

It Looks Like We’ve Been Flat Out Drinking

(Camera+, Snapseed)


Guilty by Association

Living in Colorado, there is always the underlying suspicion that one has dabbled in a certain recreational activity that is now legal in this state.  Sadly, I must say, I am a disappointment.  256 more words


Starting the year off right!

We try to be mindful of our community in all that we do, and so we raise some of our funds by recycling  and through yard sales, both of which are dependent on donations.   71 more words


Build Your Greenhouse, For Free!

Hope you’ve enjoyed your seasonal festivities, and are as keen as we are to get back into the garden to get started on a fresh new growing season! 260 more words

Homestead News

Day #6: Planting DIY Herb Hanging Garden

I apologize, I exaggerate. It’s only two plastic bottle ‘pots’ at the moment, but it’s a start :)

Hanging gardens are great for when you want to add some (edible) greens to a small living space where there’s not much area for hardcore terresterial gardening. 602 more words

DIY Bait Trap from Plastic Bottle

That last post got me in the mood to put together some bait traps for this spring! As you can tell, it took less than 5 minutes to do and my family will have free live bait for the life of the trap. 308 more words