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Straw Shade for Ethical Design

I first saw the PET Lamps two years ago in Milan. They were decorating the courtyard of Rossana Orlandi like tropical flowers. (They reminded me of straw hats poised on trees.) I diligently took a flyer, and once home, I still liked the project enough to pin the picture in my office. 171 more words


Dehydrated Water

Putting water in a bottle was a stroke of genius. It allowed people to control the quality of the water they drink and it provided some creative and not-so-creative entrepreneurs with the ability to become rich very quickly. 354 more words


Plastic's progress

The fall of communism meant, among other more important things, the beginning of the plastic-venerating era in my tribe. Our pantry, still garnished with home-cooked winter preserves as in the old times of scarcity, gave way to lively-colored plastic containers bearing homemade wine, tomato juice and other products I had not yet grown to appreciate for their true value, underneath labels of products that I had dreamt of during all my childhood years. 346 more words


One word: Bottles!

Mr. McGuire famously said to young Benjamin Braddock in “The Graduate”, “I just want to say one word to you … plastics.” I would add another word to that ‘bottles’. 547 more words


We're having a yard sale! August 2! Mark your calendars!

We’re having a yard sale to help raise funds for our various projects at Whole Earth Pets Foundation, Inc – including Big Red’s Buddies!

Our mission is to provide education, resources, and support that will help families and their pets stay together. 126 more words


water rights

One would think that water — necessary for the survival of most if not all living organisms¬†— would be an inalienable right. This primary resource of our planet, one that makes Mother Earth so unique in our solar system, should be equally accessible to all, however idealistic that may sound. 424 more words


Goodbye to plastic bottles of shampoo and conditioner.

I have been struggling with the issue of ditching my plastic bottles of shampoo and conditioner in favour of using a shampoo bar instead.¬† It’s not that I am against the shampoo bar, or that I don’t want to give up the plastic bottles. 560 more words