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Where's Plas?!

from World’s Finest #273

Martin Pasko, writer; Joe Staton and Bob Smith, artists

Plastic Man

#0338: Plastic Man



I am a fan of superheroes with stretchy powers. I just think they allow for so many really cool possibilities, and they’re always a lot of fun. 574 more words


Alive and well in the DC Nation

While Plastic Man is continuing to be ignored in the current incarnation of the DC Universe, he’s luckily still getting love from DC Nation – which I didn’t even realize was still going on! 60 more words

Plastic Man

Le Gallerie Plastique: Seth Tucker

I spotted this on a high-shelf at Chicago Comics a few days ago, and if I wasn’t traveling I definitely would’ve picked it up!

Of course, all you plasti-fans know this is taken from the very first Plastic Man story (published in Police Comics #1, 1941) and shows the moment Eel O’Brian discovered his new powers. 37 more words

Plastic Man

In a grandly villainous manner ...

panel from DC Super-Stars Giant #10

writer: Bob Rozakis; penciller: Dick Dillin; inker: Frank McLaughlin

Plastic Man

It's Woozy Wednesday!

panel from Plastic Man #51 (Volume 1)

writer/artist: uncredited

Plastic Man

It's Woozy Wednesday!

panel from Plastic Man #18 (Volume 2)

John Albano, writer; Ramona Fradon and Bob Smith, artists

Note: Thanks to my good pal Dan, I’ve finally gotten my hands on a complete run of… 180 more words

Plastic Man