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Adventure 477 - Aquaman faces Black Manta, and Starman learns the origin of Mn'torr

Another split cover on Adventure 477 (Nov 80), and the final one to really feature Starman and Plastic Man.

Aquaman leaves New Venice by mutual agreement as this story, by J.M. 206 more words

Adventure 474 - Starman fights without his powers

Once again, but for the last time, a cover that features Starman and minimizes Plastic Man (who battles villains called Acid-Tongue and the Skunk), in Adventure 474 (Aug 80). 143 more words

Adventure 472 - A tense day for Starman

I like the cover to Adventure 472 (June 1980), as it sort of shoves Plastic Man to the side in favour of Starman, much like I am doing in this blog. 183 more words

Adventure 471 - Starman vs Captain Krydd

Another split cover on Adventure 471 (May 80), showing Plastic Man saving Woozy Winks from Brickface, and the story I am going to talk about instead. 133 more words

Adventure 469 - Starman dies

Plastic Man fights an albino assassin called Pinkeye in Adventure 469 (March 1980), but that’s not the story I’m going to talk about.

Much of this issue’s Starman story by Paul Levitz, Steve Ditko and Roneo Tanghal is told in flashback, as Prince Gavyn unmasks in front of Lady Merria. 175 more words

Adventure 468 - Starman unmasked

Plastic Man fights a killer ballet dancer in Adventure 468 (Feb 80).  Look, there he is on the cover.  No need to say anything else. 151 more words

Adventure 467 - Plastic Man and Starman begin

Two new series begin in Adventure 467 (Jan 80).  Plastic Man gets his first ongoing series since the cancellation of his own comic in 1977, and though it was hugely popular and I admire it, I never enjoyed it, and likely will not write about most of the stories.  355 more words