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Plastic Man and Batman: A long-term bromance

I’m telling you guys, Plastic Man and Batman are like, total bros.

And why not? Sure, there’s the modern idea of Batman wanting to keep an eye on powerful friends and foes alike, but the two also have something in common — they’re both orphans. 237 more words

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Plastic Man and the Freedom Fighters: Hilary Barta talks covers, plus behind-the-scenes looks at what we can expect from John McCrea!

Artist Hilary Barta is a busy man, but he’s also a really nice guy, and recently he was kind enough to field a few quick questions about his upcoming cover work for… 622 more words

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And now, a little something for the ladies ...

… and some of the dudes. Really, just about everybody — I mean, look at that thing.

Aww, yeah.

Panel from Plastic Man #11 (vol. 2) 6 more words

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Is that a Plastic Man in your pocket?

I don’t think I could get away with saying Plastic Man is a consistently popular choice for merchandising, but I do think he’s managed to wiggle his way into a lot of toy and figure lines. 265 more words

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It's Woozy Wednesday!

Someone’s going to need a time-out.

Panel from Plastic Man #50 (reprint from issue #28)

writer/artist: uncredited (but it sure looks like Jack Cole!)

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Semi-breaking news! Hilary Barta returns to Plas with Plastic Man and the Freedom Fighters covers

As more details are slowly released about DC’s big Convergence event, it seems as if the folks running the company might be realizing they have a history, and one worth celebrating, maintaining and revisiting. 329 more words

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Eeyow! It's Christmas!

Eeyow! It’s Spastic … I mean, Plastic Man, wishes everyone a very merry Christmas!

Panel from Impulse #57

Todd Dezago, writer; Ethan Van Sciver, artist; Prentis Rollins, inker

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