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Fulumbar Ironhand - Progress 2

Work continues on Fulumbar, aka Project G.  The face and beard is done, though I am worried the beard looks a bit weird.  Did I take the highlights too high, or are there not enough locks of hair that are highlighted?  101 more words


Plastic Spells G-U-I-L-T

In one of my classes, I participated in a group project; we were assigned with the topic of water quality and access. We were required to write a 7-10 research paper and present a 12-minute presentation to the class. 897 more words

Throwback Thursday Owls

A few years ago I was completely addicted to soft drinks, particularly coke.

Very bad for me, I know, but shit happens. That isn’t the point of this post! 67 more words

Craft Projects

3D Design- Final ideas and Piece

The 6 ideas I came up with I narrowed down to 3 which I developed further, in order to help decide which to produce for my final piece. 482 more words

Art And Design

Video: Method Soap Bottle from Ocean Plastic

method Ocean Plastic: From Beach to Bottle – As a small soap company, we know we can’t clean up the world’s oceans, but we can raise awareness about the issue and use method’s business to demonstrate smart ways of using and reusing the plastics that are already on the planet. 43 more words


Prosthetic socket fit and alignment

Your socket connects your residual limb and your prosthesis. As you move, the impact centers on the socket, so a good, close fit will distribute and minimize the impact on your residual limb. 196 more words

Guest Blogger


Cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery are closely related to each other. However, they are not the same. Many plastic surgeons focus their practice on cosmetic surgery, so many people mistakenly think that they are one in the same.