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ABS vs PLA-Adina Friedman

For our prototype, our group is going to 3d print our test casing so that we have more control over the shape. While Jessica and Paloma were modeling it on autocad, it was up to Kyrie and I to order the plastic. 329 more words

Guest Entry: Dimitrios Kaloudis - Arillas Beach, Corfu, Greece

This summer was a landmark for me; for the first time in eight years I got to spend a full summer at home in Arillas, Corfu while writing my PhD thesis. 1,117 more words

Today's Catch

Working with straws

While I was discovering the art of melting I thought of testing it with all possible and harmless objects. Straws were the first thing that cought my attention. 29 more words


It's an increasingly plastic world and worryingly, an increasingly plastic ocean.

As I walk along the beach here, I am horrified at the amount of plastic that is all along the high tide line. We have a very long beach, miles and miles of beautiful white sands but the high tide mark is a multicoloured mix of discarded plastic and other rubbish, way more than I or even a dedicated team of people could clear away and every high tide brings more. 421 more words

Prainha Do Canto Verde Extractive Reserve